Welcome!  Thanks so much for visiting.  I have had a goal to create a pretty website where I can house all of my pictures and information in one, easy to access space.  I have customers from all over and spend most of my time helping others find colors online, so I really heavily on the internet and am so grateful I am able to run my own business from the comfort of my home (not pictured above, but how cute is that!)

I love my social media accounts and you can follow me there by clicking the social icons on the home page, and I will continue to post there several times of a week.  I will also blog about beauty here (click the subscribe button on the home page if you’d like to follow!).

If you want to shop, watch videos, see pictures of all the beautiful lipstick colors, start your own career or sign up for a personal discount, and much more – you’ve come to the right place!  Browse around and please send me any feedback on how I could improve your experience as this site is truly for YOU.



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