Weddings are magical and mine certainly was one of the best days of my life.  I loved celebrating with my new husband, friends, and family, dancing (and eating) the night away, and looking and feeling like a beautiful bride.  I got my hair and makeup done and felt gorgeous, but the only thing I was missing was a really good long-lasting lipstick.  There are so many lipsticks to choose from though; what actually is the best long lasting lipstick for a wedding?

The answer is LipSense.

Best Long Lasting Lipstick for Weddings

When I got married in 2013, before I knew about LipSense, my sister had to carry my lipstick around the entire night so that I could keep reapplying (before pictures, after eating, etc.)

I wish I had known what the best long lasting lipstick for weddings was because if I had, I would have had perfect lips all night.

If I had worn LipSense, I wouldn’t have had to touch up at all!  And, my lip color wouldn’t have transferred onto my husband during the many kisses we shared, wouldn’t have smudged onto my champagne glass….I could go on and on, but if you’ve ever worn regular lipstick you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Not only is LipSense smudge-proof, kiss-proof, and water-proof, but it is good for your lips.  Is is free of lead and gluten, non-GMO, and is vegan, cruelty-free, and available in over 70 colors.  It works with a moisturizing gloss to keep lips hydrated and soft, which is a must-have for smooching brides!

Now of course this is just one small part of a wedding and no matter what lipstick you are wearing, you are going to have the time of your life.

But, if you could use the best long lasting lipstick for your wedding instead of one that smudges all over, that would just be icing on the cake!   I’ve researched them all and LipSense is hands down the best long lasting lipstick for your wedding (or any special event!) around.

Best Long Lasting Lipstick for Weddings

There are many long lasting lipsticks to choose from, but LipSense is by far my favorite.  Many other brands will still smudge a bit, or will leave your lips dry; the best part of LipSense is that it does the opposite and over time leaves your lips feeling softer than ever.  Plus, it comes in over 70 colors so brides will have no problem finding the perfect shade for their wedding day (and bachelorette party, honeymoon, etc!)

I’ve put together the hottest bridal lip colors from LipSense so that you can find the best long-lasting lipstick for your wedding.

I’ll go through each of the general shades, and then go into more detail color by color to help you choose your perfect shade.  Do you already know which color you want, or have a question?  Click here to purchase, or click here to contact me.

If you are local to San Diego, come check these colors out in person at the luxury special edition bridal show at the US Grant on February 19th, 2017.


*Note: each color is either warm, cool, or neutral based and is either matte (flat, satin finish), shimmer (slight glimmer/sparkle), or frost (icy finish).  To get help narrowing down your preferences, simply click here to fill out a short color match form and I will send you personalized color recommendations!

Long Lasting Light Pink Lipstick 

It is hard to go wrong with a romantic light pink lip color.  A light pink is enough color so that it looks like you are wearing something, but subtle enough to not overpower your look.  If you are looking for a soft long-lasting lipstick shade for your wedding day, here are some of my favorite LipSense light pinks:

  • Apple Cider: Warm, Matte
  • Kiss Me Katie: Warm, Shimmer
  • Pink Champagne: Cool, Frost
  • Kelly’s Krush: Cool, Frost
  • Peace Pink: Cool, Shimmer
LipSense Light Pinks – Best Long Lasting Lipstick for Wedding

Long Lasting Nude Lipstick 

Nudes are the most natural shades available and are going to be the closest to your own lip color.  Maybe you never wear makeup and you want something that is natural and reflects your personality, or maybe you want to pair a dramatic dark smokey eye look with a nude lip.  Either way, here are some incredible options for Nude long-lasting LipSense lipstick colors for brides:

  • Bombshell: Warm, Shimmer
  • Bravo: Warm, Matte
  • Cappuccino: Warm, Shimmer
  • First Love: Neutral, Matte
  • Precious Topaz: Warm, Shimmer
  • Beige Champagne: Warm, Frost
  • Nude: Neutral, Matte
  • Praline Rose: Cool, Shimmer
LipSense Nudes – Best Long Lasting Lipstick for Wedding

Long Lasting Bright Reds 

There is something so bold and timeless about a classic red lip.  If you love yourself in red lips and enjoy the spotlight being on  you, bright red lips are a perfect choice.  Here are my top picks for the best long lasting lipstick for weddings from the LipSense Bright Red shades:

  • Caramel Apple: Cool, Frost
  • Cranberry: Cool, Matte
  • Crimson Red: Cool,  Shimmer
  • Shelala: Warm, Matte
  • Rhubarb: Cool, Matte
  • Blu Red: Cool, Matte
  • Fire N Ice: Cool, Frost
LipSense Bright Reds – Best Long Lasting Lipstick for Wedding

Long Lasting Pinks for Your Wedding

Pinks are so versatile and can look great on almost anyone.  There is such a spectrum of shades, from medium pinks to dark deep pinks.  Is pink your go-to color?   Then it is an excellent choice as the best long-lasting lipstick for your wedding!  Here are some gorgeous LipSense Pinks to choose from:

  • Aussie Rose: Cool, Shimmer
  • Fleur de Lisa: Cool, Shimmer
  • Rose Ice: Cool, Frost
  • Heartbreaker: Warm, Shimmer
  • Luv It: Warm, Frost
  • Summer Sunset: Warm, Matte
  • Dark Pink: Cool, Matte
  • Kathy’s Kisses: Cool, Frost
  • Redwood: Warm, Shimmer
  • Plumeria: Cool, Shimmer
  • Sheer Pink: Cool, Matte
LipSense-Pinks-Best-Wedding-Long-Lasting-Lipstick (2).png
LipSense Pinks – Best Long Lasting Lipstick for Wedding


Long Lasting Dark Reds for Your Wedding

If you love to add some drama to your look, deep dark red lips is your answer.  Especially for fall or winter weddings,these shades will look amazing on brides.  Here are the best long-lasting lipsticks for weddings out there that are Dark Reds:

  • Brick: Warm, Matte
  • Fly Girl: Warm, Matte
  • Neutral: Cool, Shimmer
  • Currant: Cool, Matte
  • Mojave: Warm, Shimmer
  • Red Cherry: Warm, Matte
LipSense Dark Reds – Best Long Lasting Lipstick for Wedding

Thank you so much for reading about the hottest LipSense lipstick colors for brides.  If you are looking for the best long-lasting lipstick for your wedding, I assure you this is it.  Know someone else who is getting married?  Please feel free to share this post!  Are you a wedding make-up artist looking for wholesale information so that you can offer these amazing colors to all of your brides?  You can learn how to get your own wholesale account by clicking here.

Weddings are such magical events and you deserve to feel your best. I hope you have a wonderful time planning, celebrating, and wearing your beautiful new long-lasting lipstick 🙂





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