By now, you may have heard about SeneGence, the fast growing direct sales makeup and skincare company responsible for the hugely popular smudge-proof lipstick called LipSense.


If you look at the hashtag #senegence, or #lipsense on Instagram, you will find tons of posts about the beautiful lip colors and long-wearing makeup, the SeneBlue cars many a SeneGence Independent Distributor are driving, and you might even wonder if Bella is made of gold by the way people talk about this highly coveted lipstick shade (check out my Insta here!)

At first you might wonder what all the hype is about.  Can a lipstick really be that special, and can women actually be making an income as a SeneGence Independent Distributor just by taking selfies and selling smudge-proof lipstick?!

Yes.   And yes.

I am a SeneGence Independent Distributor in San Diego, and in this post I’m going to give you the inside scoop on what it is really like to be a SeneGence Distributor based on my experiences (spoiler alert: it is awesome).  I have a growing team of SeneGence distributors here in San Diego, all over the country, and even in the UK.  I love talking about this fun opportunity and better yet, I love helping other women jumpstart their careers (click here if you are ready to go!)  Want to know the truth about what life is like as a SeneGence Independent Distributor?  Keep reading.


Real Life of a SeneGence Independent Distributor

In a nutshell, a SeneGence Independent Distributor spends her time marketing the products, interacting with customers, fulfilling orders, teaching others how to apply the long-lasting products, educating herself, and helping other women who are interested in becoming distributors as well get started. Let’s break these down a little bit into more detail.

How Does A SeneGence Independent Distributor Spend Time?

Marketing the products.

This is incredibly easy because they work so dang well.  The LipSense colors are so gorgeous that simply wearing a color is enough to get a compliment and a new customer.  A SeneGence Independent distributor often posts short quirky videos of herself trying to smudge off  lipstick, or showing how it doesn’t transfer to a coffee cup, a baby’s cheek, etc.  These videos are easy to make and grab a lot of attention because if you have ever worn traditional lipstick before, you know how incredible it is that LipSense is seriously smudge-proof!  Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are popular social media outlets that a SeneGence Independent distributor uses to market the products, along with word of mouth, referrals from customers and friends, attending vendor events, or hosting small parties.

Interacting with customers.

This is one of my favorite parts!  A SeneGence Independent Distributor has the chance to catch up with old friends and meet new friends.  It is fun and rewarding to help women choose makeup to enhance their beauty, and it is so exciting to receive a message from a happy customer or see one of their selfies as they look radiant in their new lipstick.  A SeneGence Independent distributor communicates with customers in person, on the phone, over text, via e-mail, or through social media.  A good distributor follows up after every purchase to answer questions and ensure customer satisfaction.

Fulfilling orders.

There are several ways a SeneGence Independent distributor fulfills orders.  Many distributors including myself have a SeneSite, which is a company website where customers can order through.  Otherwise, SeneGence Independent distributors typically have their own “store” out of their homes where they keep inventory to ship out to customers, or order colors as they are requested.  Distributors invoice their customers (typically through Square, PayPal or Venmo), package products in a small bag with a business card and instruction card, and pop in the mail.  This allows a SeneGence Independent distributor to have control over packaging and add a personal touch.  If a distributor has your color in stock, you could receive your order in as little as 2 days depending on location!

Teaching others how to apply the long lasting products.

A SeneGence Independent Distributor is educated in product knowledge and spends time teaching customers and potential customers how to use and apply correctly.  For example, LipSense is applied in 3 thin layers, starting at one corner of the mouth and swiping across top and bottom lips in one direction.  Each layer dries for about 10 seconds before applying the next layer, and then is sealed in with a moisturizing gloss.  This is super easy to do but different than how you apply traditional lipstick.  A SeneGence Independent Distributor makes sure to explain this simple process so that customers can achieve the long-lasting look they are going for.  Many distributors including myself make video tutorials, or include instruction cards with purchases to further help customers.  (Click here to access my tutorial video and detailed instructions for how to use LipSense!)


A SeneGence Independent Distributor has access to pretty much unlimited training opportunities, from documents in our Back Office to live training videos in behind the scenes Facebook groups.  A dedicated distributor will continue to educate herself in product knowledge, customer service, and marketing so that she can remain an incredible resource to her customers.  I personally like to multi-task and listen to Facebook training videos while either working out or driving.  Many SeneGence Independent distributors like me have a team of distributors as well, and they educate their downline in what they learn.

Helping other women become distributors themselves.

When you are a SeneGence Independent distributor, you without a doubt will get asked at some point how you became one and what the process is.  Many loyal customers realize they would rather get wholesale pricing and become interested in signing up.  Others who are looking for a bit of extra income look into the opportunity and decide to casually sell to friends and family.   And then others like me love it so much we go full speed ahead!  (Read more about the perks of being a LipSense distributor here). A SeneGence Independent Distributor helps these women become distributors themselves so that they can achieve whatever goal it is they are looking for.  This includes explaining the sign up process (sign up on the website using a sponsor ID, for example mine is 203612) and pay a yearly $55 plus tax/shipping fee to get access to wholesale pricing, explaining the two ways to make an income (directly from customer sales, and from commissions once you build a team) and then providing training to help new distributors get started (such as explaining how to place an order, how to use social media for marketing, where to get fun graphics, etc.)  I keep all of this information super organized in my private training group that my teammates get access to so that you don’t ever have to recreate the wheel and can spend your time building your business instead 🙂


As you can see, this company has thought of everything to help set up distributors for success.  That combined with solid products and an incredibly generous compensation plan make this a career that WORKS.  You might be thinking, okay that sounds pretty fun and all.  And to start making an income with just a $55 sign up fee?  Yes please!…but I’m really busy.  How much time does it take to be a SeneGence Independent Distributor?

How Much Time Does it Take to be a SeneGence Independent Distributor?

This varies from person to person, depending on how you decide to run your business.  A SeneGence Independent Distributor might dedicate about 2 hours a week to her business, posting a few selfies, and taking and fulfilling orders.  Other distributors decide to do more in person events and might commit to a 2 hour party each week, a 3 hour Facebook event each week, 1 hour of following up with customers, 1 hour of personal training, and 30 minutes of packaging orders. And distributors might choose to treat this business like a full time job.


There is so much flexibility in the time you put into being a SeneGence Independent Distributor and you get to choose what works for you.  I’ll share an example of what my week looks like to give you an idea of how I spend my time:

  • Post on social media and interact with others: 30 minutes a day about 4 times a week (2 hours a week)
  • Help customers choose colors: 1 hour a week
  • Place orders, send invoices, package orders: 1 hour a week
  • Follow up with customers: 30 minutes a week
  • Talk to potential distributors about business opportunity: 1 hour a week
  • Train my team and answer questions: 2 hours a week
  • Make graphics: 30 minutes a week
  • Create content for social media/write: 1 hour a week

I teach part time, I am married and love date night, I have two small kids who I take to the zoo and play with and love on, I keep the house organized and cook and order groceries and do laundry, etc.  Just like many women, I don’t have much extra time!  It was very important for me to find a business opportunity that would fit into my life, not take it over.  It has been easy to work this business into my own life, while keeping my family a priority.

I personally focus more on social media marketing instead of in person events, and while I check my e-mail throughout the day, I mostly save whatever I need to do for my business for around 8pm and I wrap up around 9pm.  THAT IS CRAZY.  I don’t know when I will get over the fact that I am running a profitable business while having so much fun for less than 10 hours a week, and this could be true for you too.

Maybe you will spend less time, maybe you will spend more time, and maybe it will change month to month.  Either way, a SeneGence Independent Distributor is able to work this career in with her own life without doing a major overhaul, and can truly work wherever and whenever she wants.  Plus, I am super organized and have tons of tips for how to streamline processes so that you can work smarter, not harder and I will help you with all of that once you sign up and join my training group.  (Even though I am a SeneGence Independent distributor in San Diego, I help women from all over the country via e-mail, chats, etc. – I’ve got you covered!)

Why is it So Great to Be a SeneGence Independent Distributor?

You’ve learned about how a SeneGence Independent Distributor spends her time, you’ve learned about what a typical day looks like, and you think it sounds like something you could do.  But what is really so great about this particular opportunity?  What makes it stand out from other direct sales or MLM businesses? You can find many awesome reasons in my article here, or check out the below video, but I will share some of the main reasons why it is so great to be a SeneGence Independent Distributor:

  1. Control over your time.  Being a SeneGence Independent Distributor is equivalent to being your own boss – you decide how and when you want to run your business.  Are you a morning person?  Then you can do live videos in your Facebook group right after you wake up and teach others how to apply makeup.  Do you have a full-time job?  You can spend a couple evenings a week teaching your customers about the products, or reaching out to local salons and boutiques.  YOU are in control and that is incredibly freeing!
  2. The income.  With the opportunity to purchase at 50% discount, you are able to make up to 50% immediate profit.  Customers pay you directly, and the company pays you commission as you grow your own team of distributors.  The incredible incentives to work towards include a car lease and trips around the world.  A car – because of lipstick?!  Sign me up!  I’m so excited to have earned mine!
  3. High Quality Products.  The products are amazing, from the LipSense to the entire makeup line to the skincare.  These are products that you can feel good about, that work, and that live up to the hype.  A SeneGence Independent Distributor watches first hand how these products fly off the shelves!
  4. The social aspect.  Connecting with old friends, making new friends, interacting with customers, and networking with other distributors is probably my favorite part.  Being a SeneGence Distributor takes your social life up a notch and who couldn’t use more awesome friends in their life?!

So there you have it – the real, behind the scenes info about life as a SeneGence Independent Distributor.  This opportunity is fun, rewarding, and can provide a hugely positive impact on your life.  I hope you enjoyed this article!  Please leave me a comment, share with a friend, contact me anytime to get more information, or get started today.



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