Why You Should Become a SeneGence Distributor Now, Even When Many Products are Out of Stock (the answer will surprise you!)

Have you heard that SeneGence is growing lightning fast and becoming one of the premier anti-aging skincare and cosmetics companies there is?  True.  Rumblings that “there are no LipSense colors to order”? Half true.  Comments that it is “impossible to build a business right now, I’m going to wait until products are easier to get”? Way false.

I’m going to tell you the TRUTH about the reality of being a SeneGence distributor right now, why NOW is the best time to join, and how you can navigate it all and start a successful business.  (To learn more about all of the fun perks and details of becoming a distributor or to get started signing up, head over here.)


When I signed up in July 2016, there were about 20,000 distributors in the U.S.  The company has been around since 1999 and from then to July 2016, grew to 20,000 distributors, slow and steady.  Get this – from July to now, less than a year, the company grew to almost 150,000 distributors.  Sales in the first quarter of 2017 exceeded all of 2016 combined.  Main home offices and warehouses have been outgrown, moved, and outgrown again.  This type of growth is incredible and I’m so glad that I am IN.  Have you watched the Momentum video?!  Check it out to feel inspired.

My point is, that I’ll take growing pains any day of the week in exchange for being a distributor at a fantastic company that recently added the former President of Beach Body and a former VP from Loreal to its’ leadership team.  Customers loves these products, and business-savvy people are taking notice.  Want the inside scoop on what it is like being a distributor right now and why you shouldn’t wait another second?!  Keep reading.

Most LipSense Colors are Temporarily Out of Stock Daily….

….but LipSense colors are restocked every couple of days 🙂  Over 30 colors were in and out in March, over 20 in April, and the company is working night and day to get a full inventory of LipSense colors back.  While some might say, “How annoying – I just want to log in and order whatever I want” I feel the exact opposite!

To be part of something with SUCH a high demand is amazing.

I love that the products we sell literally fly off the shelves, and am happy to ride out this period of growth.  You know why?  Because it has IMPROVED my business.  Many of the women who joined my team smack in the middle of this “out of stock situation” have found immediate success, plus have been able to order almost all of the 36 LipSense colors within a month or two of signing up.

Tip for Success:

Order LipSense colors as they become available, and market ONLY those colors to your customers.  I wish I had been doing this the whole time; when I signed up in July, there were barely any distributors and you just logged in and ordered whatever, so I never pre-ordered anything.  Well, all that meant was I ended up ordering every single day and paid for all that shipping to keep up with my customer demands.  Now, I do the opposite and I will never go back.  Order a few of each color as you see them become available, post about those gorgeous shades, and see first hand how quickly your inventory, and customer base, grows.


But I Want to Order All 36 LipSense Colors NOW!!!!….

…Not going to happen today, but your business is going to be better off because of that.  Why?  Because SeneGence is SO MUCH MORE THAN LIPSENSE.  The anti-aging skincare is where it is at and if you are only focusing on LipSense, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.  The skincare is the steak, and the lipsticks are the salt and pepper.  If you want a truly well-rounded business, take advantage of this time and learn all you can about the skincare and market those incredible products to your customers, in addition to the fabulous makeup.  If patience and selling some of the best skincare and makeup available isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other direct sales cosmetics companies out there for you.  But if you can see the big picture here, and are willing to build a successful business for yourself where you can work as much or as little as you want, from WHEREVER you want, keep reading 🙂


 Tip for Success:

Use your awesome discount to try out the skincare.  It is hands down the best I’ve ever used, and I’m way snobby about skincare and makeup.  You will personally be able to recommend these products to your customers, who will be stoked that they get to have pretty skin too.

When LipSense Colors are Restocked, It Feels Like the Hunger Games

When distributors see that a color is available, we run for it.  Like all 150,000 of us.  You might not be able to log-in because the server is busy; you might have items removed from your cart because they sell-out before you check out.  You might miss out on Bella.  But you  know what? The colors come back.  Always.  You will be able to order awesome products within any given month, I truly promise you.  I am speaking from first-hand experience in addition to watching my teammates.  Women are added to my team almost every day and that shows me that this out of stock stuff?  Actually no big deal!

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Tip for Success:

Stay positive and focus on the things you can control. We can’t control inventory, and we can’t control the internet.  Do not get worked up about these things; use that energy to focus on what you CAN control – growing your customer base, providing excellent customer service, perfecting your selfies.


The Best Time to Sign up is Right Now…

….because you have time on your side.  Let’s say you don’t want to place an order for a week or two because you want to see what colors come back in stock.  That time you have to wait is golden and going to help you start your business off on the right foot.  When I signed up, I ordered a bunch of stuff and started telling friends about it and they wanted to purchase from me right away and then I was like…..hmmm, how do I accept payments?  What is the pricing again?  I need to find some cute packaging…Of course it all worked out, but if I had just calmed down and taken 2 weeks to get organized and set up payment accounts, READ about the products in my back office, order some business cards, and THEN launch, well that would have been the way to go and a heck of a lot easier 🙂

Tip for Success:

Sign up, now.  No really – if you are considering this opportunity, I would strongly consider signing up for $55 for access to 12 months of the wholesale discount.  To remain active, you need to order $200 total within a 6 month period, so that means you technically have 6 months after signing up before needing to order anything at all and in 6 months from now, this blog post is going to be totally irrelevant and we aren’t going to know what to do with all of the LipSense colors we can get our hands on.  Why not just wait a few months?  Because that is 6 months of income, knowledge, fun and networking that you will be missing out on.  Trust me.

How I Help my New Distributors

First, I add you to my super organized private Facebook training group.  I have everything organized in albums, so that the information you need to get started is easy to access and save to refer back to.  Some examples include: links to supplies, social media tips, graphics, instructions for how to sign other women up, how to start a Facebook group for your customers, organization tips, etc.


Next, I make myself available to you.  I’m pretty accessible via e-mail or messenger, and especially at first I am happy to answer all the questions you might have, support you, listen to you, whatever it is that you need.  If you need me to lend you a couple of LipSense colors as you wait for your first order, we can arrange that.  My goal is to help you launch your business, and I will always educate you as to WHERE you can find answers yourself in the future so that you can become a good leader for your future team as well.  All I ask is that you meet me halfway; read the posts, stay positive, make an effort, and take ownership of your business and success:)

So there you have it!  The inside scoop on why it is actually the perfect time to become a SeneGence distributor.  I look forward to helping you get started!  To sign up, visit my Career page here and follow the instructions or contact me below for more information.  Thanks for reading!

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