HUGE MAY PROMO!!!!!  New Distributors receive $55 Retail Product Credit upon sign-up May 1-31st 2018!

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New Distributors will automatically receive 55 $eneBucks deposited into their account when they join Senegence May 1-31, 2018. 55 $eneBucks have a retail value of $55 USD and can be used towards your first PV order.  Examples include a LipSense Collection, 2 ShadowSense shades, a Lip Balm and Conditioning Polish, an Original MakeSense Foundation, a Lip Volumizer or Lash Extend, and so much more!

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So before I got involved in direct sales myself, I had heard of women earning things like cars and trips through their skincare/nutrition/makeup/whatever companies.  I’d see them post on Facebook about their white Lexus, or their upcoming trip to Punta Cana, and I thought okay that’s cool, but these ladies must be working non-stop, or they are the top leaders in their companies, or they know a ton of people or have magical sales abilities.  Good for them but I don’t have the time/skills/network for that.

Well wow, was I wrong! I ended up earning a car from selling makeup and I’m going to tell you how you can as well.  Want to be a fly on the wall and learn about the other amazing perks of being a distributor, no strings attached?  Join my FREE exclusive opportunity group online to get a peek!



I ended up signing up to be an independent SeneGence distributor, because even though I never thought I’d do direct sales/MLM/network marketing, I loved the products so much I figured, why not.  At the very least I will save on the makeup and skincare for myself.  I knew they had a SeneCar program and you could earn a free car with SeneGence but again, far-fetched right?

But then, all my friends and family loved the products, and then other women I knew wanted to become distributors as well, and I found myself with a successful and fun makeup business and a team of kick-butt boss babes.  I did this with zero sales experience, a super introverted personality, almost 100% using social media, and spent just 10 hours a week on it.  And then GUESS WHAT.  I earned a car with SeneGence!


I truly believe anyone who wants to do this, with the right training, hard work, dedication, and motivation, can and I’m going to explain right here how you too can earn your own SeneGence car by selling makeup.

How Can I Earn a Car with SeneGence?

SeneGence offers a “SeneCar” program and it is generous and awesome.  You can get either a $250 monthly check or a $500 monthly check towards your new personal car lease, from SeneGence!  How?  Here is the basic rundown:

  1. Order a minimum of 750PV for three consecutive months to qualify (and then continue to maintain qualifications).  For reference, I order at least this much for my business – this is what my customers are purchasing, so it has been a no-brainer for me.  750PV also gives you the amazing 50% discount, which is how you save the most and make the most in this business 🙂  Got it? 750PV orders each month 🙂 (*Starting May 1, 2018 this will increase to 1000PV each month)
  2. Tier 1 $250 SeneGence car payment: Accumulate a combined total (your personal PV and your first line’s PV) from orders on your first level downline, equal to 22,500PV for the same three consecutive months.  So this makes a lot more sense once you are a distributor but basically anyone that YOU sponsor and help sign up as a distributor is a member of your first level downline.  As you train them and support them to run their own successful businesses, your PV combined with their PV for a rolling 3 month period is how you can qualify for the $250 SeneGence car payment.
  3. Tier 2 $500 SeneGence car payment: Qualify for Tier One, and then concurrently accumulate a total of 22,500 PV on your second level downline for the same three consecutive months.  What is your second level downline? These are distributors that your first line distributors sponsor and sign up.
  4. You can read more of the details straight from SeneGence here!

Once you qualify, you will follow the instructions in your Back Office to move forward with leasing your car.  It needs to be a new car, in a beautiful factory blue shade, with your name on the lease.  Submit your paperwork to SeneGence and start receiving your monthly payments towards your gorgeous new ride!

Audi Q7 – SeneGence Blue Car

And I Can Do This by Selling Makeup?!

Yup.  By signing up as an Independent SeneGence Distributor and working your business in a smart way (I train my team to work smarter, not harder – this opportunity is about freedom of time for me, not being chained to my computer/phone), you are setting the groundwork to earning your car.  The next piece, and it is a natural progression, is to sponsor women and teach them how to build their own businesses too.  This is how you create your first level downline.

Now when I signed up, I told myself I had no intention of signing anyone else up.  I had seen those posts about “Join my team!” or “I’m looking for 3 women this month, watch me or join me!” posts and just no – that is so not my style or how I talk and I figured that was the only way to build a team so I said forget it.  I was wrong (again, apparently I’m wrong a lot!) and quickly learned that if you are authentic, genuinely love this company and its products, and simply share that enthusiasm with others because you actually care – you first level downline will grow right before your eyes.  (Don’t worry, I also share tons of sponsoring tips in my private Facebook training group that you get access to after you sign up).

While not everyone earns these rewards, each distributor has the opportunity to.  By selling awesome makeup and skincare, providing great customer service, marketing the products, and sharing the business opportunity with others, you can be driving your very own blue SeneGence SeneCar too.

SeneGence Makeup – SeneGence Car

Do I Need a Ton of Distributors on my Team?

Nope. You just need a group of solid distributors who take this business seriously and love what they do.  Like anything, earning the car is not a freebie and takes dedication.  For reference, I earned my Tier 1 qualification for the SeneGence car when I had between 5 and 10 distributors on my first line who were kicking butt in their own businesses.


You don’t even need distributors on any other level besides your first level downline to earn the $250 qualification! How cool is that.  One of my favorite parts of sponsoring within SeneGence is the mutually beneficial relationship that occurs.  Your sponsor becomes your go-to and a good sponsor will make her/himself available to answer questions and point you in the right direction to find answers (such as the Back Office).  In exchange for this training and support, you can earn things like commission checks, the SeneCar, and trips.  You do not earn these rewards JUST by signing someone up – this isn’t a numbers game.  But if the people you sign up are finding personal success, you will too; mutual awesomeness all around.

Squad Goals – SeneGence Distributor Car

Is this Too Good to be True?

Well, there is one really hard part about this whole car thing….And that is choosing which fabulous blue SeneCar you want 🙂

Thanks so much for reading about how to earn a car with SeneGence!  Feel free to contact me below with any specific questions about the Car program, becoming a distributor, the awesome products, or just to say hi.  I’d love to help you get started 🙂














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