Maybe you are already in the fun and exciting Multi-Level Marketing world but are looking for some MLM Sponsoring tips so that you can effectively grow your team.

Maybe you want to become a network marketer but aren’t sure where to start; you hear about others growing their teams but you don’t know how.  You need some MLM sponsoring tips about sharing the opportunity with others after you yourself have signed up.

I am an independent SeneGence Distributor and recently did a live training for other women in my company sharing my top 8 MLM sponsoring tips and I’m sharing them right here for you as well!  Whether you are looking to become a SeneGence distributor too (click here to learn more or get started) or maybe are a part of another successful company such as Rodan and Fields, Maskcara, or Mary Kay, I hope you find these tips helpfulMLM-Sponsoring-Tips.png


MLM-Sponsoring-Tips.jpg MLM Sponsoring Tip – Get to KNOW others[/caption]


Keep Information Minimum and Relevant

  • Easy way to do this is to say, “I am so excited for you!  I could talk about this awesome biz all day – tell me, what specific questions do you have and let’s start there”
  • Don’t overwhelm others by jumping into every single detail about the business; tell them what they need to know, what they want to know, and go from there.  Make sure to include all costs associated and make accurate representations about the opportunity, but if you start diving into how you schedule posts using HootSuite, and specific steps for how to earn a company car, you are losing people who are like, Woah – I just want to kind of casually sell this stuff to my friends
  • Have a link or somewhere that points to more info. – this is an easy way to get info. out without rambling; have a blog with a career section, point people to your company website, etc.

Follow Up

  • People get busy, forget to read messages, wrong timing
  • Follow up casually and keep convo going
  • Several of my team members and I talked on and off for 6 months before signing up; I sent messages and heard crickets but when and if the timing is right, you will be glad that you didn’t leave someone hanging and that you followed up!
  • Google “The Fortune is in the Follow Up” – so many amazing tips

Share What Sets You Apart

  • Lots of distributors, why should someone sign up with you?
  • I’ve had distributors sign up because they liked my YouTube Video, or professional account, or quick follow up, etc. – people choose sponsors for so many different reasons
  • Figure out YOUR strengths and share (example: if you are great at YouTube, tell others that you can help them there too!  If you know how to throw an amazing Facebook Party, brag about it!)


MLM Sponsoring Tips – Follow Up


Make Your Own Business Awesome

  • Your own business is what will attract others – have fun, kick butt
  • You need to be walking the walk to expect others to join you; if you aren’t active in your business, why would someone want you to sponsor them?
  • Educate yourself, seek out trainings, work your biz, and share all of the amazing things that this company is doing for you – people are watching

Have a System Set in Place for New Distributors

  • Basically, be a great sponsor!  Don’t sign someone up and leave them hanging – that doesn’t benefit anyone!
  • Help them start with a bang; the first week is so important because everyone is excited and ready to go
  • Explain your company’s back office, go over basics
  • For example, I have a FB album that goes over step by step what you can do to get started
  • Learn THEIR specific goals – again, not about you

Bonus Tip: Make Goals!

  • If you are serious about growing your team, commit to achieving this!
  • Make monthly goals, write them down, and refer back to them often
  • Remember: sharing a business opportunity is about OTHERS; have others best interests at heart, and the rest will fall into place leaving you with mutually respectful, and beneficial, relationships

MLM-Sponsoring-Tips-Set-Goals.jpgI hope you enjoyed my Sponsoring Tips!  If these help you in any way, please leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you 🙂 – Nicole

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