Have you heard of LipSense yet?  While it has been around for almost 20 years and women have secretly been enjoying its magic (and never worrying about lipstick on their teeth again), LipSense is exploding with popularity in 2017.

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Even People.com took notice, which is basically the same as the New York Times 😉

SeneGence, the company responsible for creating this incredible smudge-proof, vegan, cruelty free, long lasting liquid lipstick, is growing at a rapid pace for the makeup and skincare industry, which makes 2017 an incredibly fun time to become a LipSense distributor.  Want to be one of the first LipSense distributors in Las Vegas?!  This post is for you 🙂  You can also join my free online opportunity group to be a fly on the wall and learn more about what being a distributor is like by clicking below!



Why should I become a LipSense Distributor in Las Vegas?

So while it is super fun to be part of a growing company that boasts a new leadership team including executives from BeachBody and Loreal, the best part is that SeneGence and the amazing LipSense distributor opportunity is still relatively unheard of.

For reference, well-known companies like Mary Kay have over 2 million consultants; SeneGence as of April 2017 has less than 200,000 distributors.


LipSense Distributors in the US


And get this…less than 1% of adult females in the United States are LipSense distributors.  0.015%  of women in Nevada are active LipSense distributors.  How crazy is that??!!  This means that when you become a LipSense distributor in Las Vegas, you are among the first to get to ride this crazy lucrative makeup train.


Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is such a perfect place for your business as a LipSense distributor; with fabulous golf courses like Shadow Creek, fun pools like the MGM Grand, incredible shows such as Cirque du Soleil and sunshine, people will love to be able to have their makeup last all day long without heat or water getting in the way.  Whether a potential customer is a tourist on vacation getting ready to check out a show, or a local looking for a way to beat the heat while staying glamourous, SeneGence and LipSense products are amazing for this exciting town.




What are the perks of being a LipSense Distributor in Las Vegas?

You can read all about the perks and details of becoming a LipSense distributor here, but below are some of the awesome highlights:

  1. Incredible discount:  You get 20-50% off every single order, including all LipSense colors, glosses, eyeshadows, skincare.  Saving on makeup, means room for more makeup 🙂
  2. Trips: LipSense distributors are able to earn various trips around the world through the LIPS and SeneStar contests.  These incentives are optional, but totally motivating and generous.  My husband and I earned a trip to Costa Rica because of this incredible company and I can teach you how too.
  3. SeneCar: LipSense distributors can also work towards earning car leases in the SeneGence blue shade!  If this is one of your goals, I’ll give you all the details you need to work towards it – I earned mine!  You can also read my post about it here 🙂
  4. Set your own schedule and be your own boss:  By having your own LipSense business, you get to choose where, when, and how you work.
  5. Access to tons of training and support:  I have a super organized Facebook group that I will add you to so that you can get your business started easily and efficiently.  I had another career when I started this business and set out to make it as simple as possible for anyone to get started, even if they have time constraints.



Perfect Opportunity for Women in the Las Vegas Beauty Industry…

A quick search on Yelp for “Best Hair Salons in Las Vegas” for example pulls up almost 2,000 results!  Beauty is HUGE in Las Vegas and high-quality beauty products SELL.

If you are already in the beauty industry in Las Vegas (hair, makeup, nails, lashes, tanning, microblading, etc.) adding LipSense and SeneGence products as an added retail selection for your clients is a simple and profitable addition to your business.  Since you get to purchase at wholesale pricing as a LipSense Distributor in Las Vegas, and sell for retail (your customers pay YOU directly) you are giving your customers access to amazing products that they are going to love, while adding to your profits!  Win-win.


…And for Women who Aren’t!

You don’t need to be a beauty expert to be a LipSense distributor in Las Vegas.  I’m a wife, mom, and former teacher who loves makeup – that’s all!  No sales experience, no beauty degree, no formal makeup instruction.  Just a love for all things beauty!

The opportunity to become a LipSense distributor was designed for ALL.  The CEO and founder started this company as a single mom, looking for a way to create the most incredible makeup and skincare products while allowing women to work from home and be with their families.  Whether you are single, married, a parent, a full-time professional, a student, or anything in between – if you are looking for a way to make additional income, have fun, and wear gorgeous makeup, this opportunity could be perfect for you.


LipSense Distributor Las Vegas


I’m ready to become a LipSense Distributor Pioneer in Las Vegas!

Ready to sign up?  It’s super easy.  Just follow the instructions below (for anyone in the US, Canada, or Australia – if you are in the UK click here), or contact me directly and I’ll get you started.  If you prefer to chat on the phone/e-mail/messenger, fill out the Contact Me form below and we will set up a time

Click here, select the appropriate country from the drop down menu, and select Individual Account.

  1. Fill out your first and last name, along with other required information for Individual Account (make sure to include your first and last name as this is who commission checks will be made to)
  2. Select New Distributor.  Submit payment, and you are all set!  I will reach out to you to help you get started 🙂

I’m so excited for you to become a #bossbabe LipSense Distributor in Las Vegas (or wherever you may be!  SeneGence currently is open in ALL of the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK!)  I look forward to helping you get started with this amazing business. -Nicole


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