I love summertime!!!!  I am a Southern California native so while it feels like summer most of the year here, June through September still mean more trips to the beach, more ice cream, more sandals, and more fun 🙂

In the summer, I like my makeup routine to be quick, easy, effortless, and one that tricks people into thinking I just woke up looking sun kissed and radiant 😉  Keep reading to check out my top 6 favorite summer must-have beauty products that you can enjoy all year long too!

6 Summer Must Have Beauty Products

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

This goes on just like a moisturizer, but protects skin with a mechanical shield AND anti-aging ingredients!  I love how this helps correct redness in my skin, evening out skin tone while taking just 3 seconds to apply.  I wear this all year long but it is a must-have for summer when I want the lightest weight makeup possible that is going to last all day whether I am at the beach, pool, park, or date night.

MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer – Summer Beauty Product


Bronze BlushSense

Long-wearing cream blush is amazing for summer time.  A little bit goes a long way and will last the entire day make it an effortless addition to your makeup routine.  Bronze BlushSense is perfect for that sun-kissed summer look we all love, though there are several gorgeous colors to choose from to mix things up.



Bronze Dust Powder

Bronze Dust powder is great for setting your makeup as a final step, plus will add an extra hint of bronze glow!  This is another great summer beauty product because it also provides a mechanical shield for sun protection, and contains anti-aging benefits to help reduce wrinkles.  I love when I get so many extra benefits just from wearing makeup!  Want to switch things up?  Silver Rose provides gorgeous shimmery color while Natural compliments any skin tone.

Download (2).JPG
Bronze Dust Powder – Summer Beauty Product


Self Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk

This is such an amazing self-tanner because it doesn’t smell like self-tanner!!!  It smells like coconuts, sprays on in a super silky mist, and creates a golden-bronze tan.  If you want more color, simply apply a second application.  Plus, it has anti-aging ingredients to benefit your skin, so you are getting two benefits in one 🙂  Don’t let the sun give you a tan and make sure to add a healthy self-tanner to your summer beauty product collection!


Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss is perfect for summertime when you just want a hint of lip color.  Bougainvillea gloss is reddish with shimmer, Rose gloss has a rose tint, Sand gloss is beige and shimmery, and the glitter glosses – well they are just amazing 🙂  Each gloss moisturizes with shea butter to keep lips hydrated while looking great.  Throw one of these in your summer beauty makeup bag and head to the beach!

18519601_10154808246938440_5960964979825131886_n (1)


Climate Control

Climate Control is known as hydration in the purest form, which is totally necessary for summer beauty!  Climate control can help add much needed moisture from too much sun or dryness.  I accidentally missed a spot of sunscreen on my shoulder this summer and got burned – I am religious about sunscreen and have never been burned so I didn’t know what to do!  I sprayed Climate Control on my shoulder and the redness lessened within a day, not to mention it just feels great on skin.

Shake Climate Control vigorously to activate it before first use – once activated, always activated – and then enjoy the high-quality cellular renewal this amazing product provides 🙂

Climate Control – Summer Beauty Product


Thanks so much for reading my top 6 Summer Beauty Product Must-Haves!  If you have any questions about these products, feel free to contact me anytime!  All products are shipped for free anywhere in the US – simply order through any of the Shop Now links above, or send me a message below. xoxo-Nicole

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