HUGE MAY PROMO!!!!!  New Distributors receive $55 Retail Product Credit upon sign-up May 1-31st 2018!

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New Distributors will automatically receive 55 $eneBucks deposited into their account when they join Senegence May 1-31, 2018. 55 $eneBucks have a retail value of $55 USD and can be used towards your first PV order.  Examples include a LipSense Collection, 2 ShadowSense shades, a Lip Balm and Conditioning Polish, an Original MakeSense Foundation, a Lip Volumizer or Lash Extend, and so much more!

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SeneGence, the premier anti-aging skincare and long-wearing makeup company famous for its smudge-proof lipstick called LipSense, is booming with growth; they have experienced growth of over 2000% in the last year, grew from about 30,000 distributors to almost 200,000 distributors, and became recognized as the smudge-proof makeup of Broadway!

It is always fun to be part of a company during this momentum stage but do you know what is the MOST fun?  Being one of the FIRST SeneGence and LipSense distributors in your area to introduce these incredible products.

If you are in Canada, you have this opportunity!  


There are only about 8,000 SeneGence Canada distributors (as of July 2017) which means you could be at the forefront of all this excitement 🙂  Whether you are a full time professional, a stay at home mom, in the beauty industry, or simply a makeup lover looking for either additional income, new friends, or to build a Lip Boss empire, becoming a SeneGence Canada distributor could be the perfect choice for you.  I have a team of almost 100 women who I coach and you will get access to my private training group that has tons of resources so that you can easily get your business started (click here or here to read more about my experiences as a distributor) – I’ll share a few of those Canada specific resources below, so keep reading if you are interested in becoming a Lip Boss SeneGence Canada distributor!

(Learn more about the crazy awesome Jump Start program where you can easily get 50% off in your first 30 days, and the brand new Fast Start program where you can earn over $1200 of FREE product in your first 90 days!)

SeneGence Canada Lip Boss Distributor

Why SeneGence?

There are many wonderful cosmetic and skincare companies out there to choose from, and SeneGence is one of the best.  Founded in 1999, Joni Rogers-Kante teamed with a scientist to create high quality skincare and makeup products that really work, paired with a career opportunity that would allow women to build a successful career from home.

She created one of the most generous compensation plans out there, and that combined with products that are truly incredible makes being a SeneGence and LipSense distributor rewarding and fun.

Here is an awesome video from distributors about why they chose SeneGence!

SeneGence Canada Distributor – Opportunity Video

SeneGence has been getting tons of attention in the press lately; you can find a huge billboard in Times Square, New York and LipSense was recently recognized as the smudge-proof makeup of Broadway after so many makeup artists and performers started swearing by these long-wearing products.  Becoming a SeneGence Canada distributor means you get to bring these popular products to your region too!   Check out the SeneGence Canada Facebook page for more info. here!

LipSense on Broadway! – SeneGence Canada Distributor Opportunity

What’s So Great about the Products?

SeneGence offers a full anti-aging skincare line (cleansers, moisturizers, Vitamin C treatments, lip volumizer, lash extend, etc.) and long-wearing cosmetics (the 12 hour smudge-proof liquid lipsticks called LipSense, water-resistant eyeshadows, cream blush, anti-aging foundation, and more).  As a distributor, you get an amazing 20-50% off every single product you purchase that you can either use for yourself, or sell to your customers for immediate profit (more about the awesome income opportunities below, or click here to visit the SeneGence Canada Career website!)  Starting September 1st, SeneGence has an exciting new Jump Start discount structure so that you can get 50% off more easily than ever!

All products are also vegan, formulated with no animal by-products, and cruelty free!  They source naturally occurring ingredients and omit wasteful product packaging to be environmentally cautious.  The company website states that, “SeneGence was built on a platform of support for the environment and respect for the global community.”  It feels wonderful to use high-quality products that are created with intention!

SeneGence Products – Canada Distributor Opportunity


Who Can Become a Distributor in Canada?

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and a resident of Canada can easily become a SeneGence Canada distributor!  Whether you are in Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottowa, Winnipeg, or anywhere in between you are eligible to sign up.  (In Australia, the US, or the UK?  You can sign up too!  Click here for more info!)

You do not need sales experience (there are actually no selling requirements to be a distributor, you can use your discount for personal use or to make an income – tons of flexibility).  You do not need a ton of time (I spend about 10 hours a week on my business – you can spend as much or as little time as you’d like and like any business, you get what you put in).  You do not need to be a makeup artist (especially because SeneGence makeup is SO easy to apply).

You do need to want to have fun, make additional income, and share these awesome products with others 🙂  You can market these in person, or online using social media like I do (don’t worry, I teach you everything I know and the company gives us amazing resources to use as well!)

Are you a wedding makeup artist in Canada?  Your brides will love not having to touch up their makeup or lipstick on their wedding day.  Do you own a Lash boutique where you offer lash extensions?  SeneGence products are a great addition to your retail selection for your customers.  Are you a hair stylist?  Put a small display of LipSense at your station that your clients can check out while getting pampered.  Or maybe you are a mom like me who just wants to have fun and build an empire?!  I’ve earned a car, a trip, an income, reconnected with old friends, made new friends, and found something to call my own while still being able to care for my family first.  With dedication and a willingness to learn, the opportunities here are endless!

Tell Me More about this Compensation Plan….

 The cost to sign up is $55 a year (plus tax/shipping) and this gives you access to the wonderful discount structure.  There are no selling requirements or monthly minimums so you can use your discount for personal use or to make an income (the only requirement is to order 100PV, or $200 retail value that you pay less for using your discount total within a 6 month period).  You can read all about the perks and details of becoming a LipSense distributor here, but below are some of the awesome highlights that Canada LipSense distributors can look forward to:
  1. Incredible discount:  You get 20-50% off every single order, including all LipSense colors, glosses, eyeshadows, skincare.  Saving on makeup, means room for more makeup 🙂
  2. Trips: LipSense distributors are able to earn various trips around the world through the LIPS and SeneStar contests.  TWhile not everyone earns these trips, every distributor has the opportunity to and with hard work and some guidance, I can help get you there!
  3. SeneCar: LipSense distributors can also work towards earning car leases in the SeneGence blue shade!  If this is one of your goals, I’ll give you all the details you need to work towards it – I earned mine!  You can also read my post about it here 🙂
  4. Set your own schedule and be your own boss:  By having your own LipSense business, you get to choose where, when, and how you work.
  5. Access to tons of training and support:  I have a super organized Facebook group that I will add you to so that you can get your business started easily and efficiently.  I had another career when I started this business and set out to make it as simple as possible for anyone to get started, even if they have time constraints.
Become a Girl Boss – SeneGence Canada
 I Want to Be One of the First Lip Bosses in Canada!  How Do I Sign Up?


Click here, select Canada as your country from the drop down menu, and select Individual Account.

  1. Fill out your first and last name, along with other required information for Individual Account (make sure to include your first and last name as this is who commission checks will be made to)
  2. Select New Distributor.  Submit payment, and you are all set! I will contact you to welcome you and help you get started, and if you could please send me a picture of yourself so that I can welcome you to my training group that would be awesome too!
SeneGence Canada – Lip Boss!

If you’d rather set up a time to chat or to e-mail, simply fill out this contact form and I look forward to speaking with you!  Thanks so much for reading my post about becoming a SeneGence and LipSense Distributor in Canada 🙂 – Nicole


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