Such exciting news for new and soon-to-be new SeneGence and LipSense Distributors!

Starting September 1, 2017 SeneGence now makes getting 50% off for distributors easier than EVER!  Ready to sign up?  Click the below button to contact me so I can help you get started!



Whether you use your distributor discount to save on products for yourself, or to sell to your customers, an incredible 50% savings and potential profit is now available to you easier than ever in your first 90 days!  Click above to sign up now and activate your wholesale account to take advantage of this offer (select Individual Account, type First and Last Name, select New Distributor, pay $55 plus tax/shipping, and you are all set!).  Keep reading for more details on how the awesome Jump Start works for SeneGence and LipSense Distributors.

Want more info. on the brand new Fast Start program for new distributors, where you have a chance to earn over $1200 of FREE product in your first 90 days?! Click here 🙂



What is the Jump Start?

The Jump Start is a new program for SeneGence distributors; it is an easy way to get 50% off your bulk orders within your first 90 days of signing up.  A program like this is exactly what it sounds like – a way to jump start your business.  How?  Distributors get access to the SeneGence wholesale discount structure, and the discount level depends on the point value (PV of the order, and point value is 1/2 of the retail value so 300PV = $600 retail).  0-99PV is 20% off, 100-299PV is 30% off, 300-749PV is 40% off, and 750+PV is 50% off.  With the Jump Start program, distributors who sign up September 1st and after will get 50% off ALL 300PV orders placed within their first 90 days of signing up.  That means you order $600 WORTH of product for only $300 plus tax/shipping.  How cool is that?!

Jump-startJumpStart Discount Structure

What Should I Include in a 300PV Order?

Totally up to you!  If you signed up for the personal discount, add whatever your heart desires – LipSense, ShadowSense, Foundation, Anti-Aging Skincare, Lash Extend, Lip Volumizer, Glosses, etc.  Almost EVERY product is in stock and ready to ship to you so start browsing!  Just make sure that you add to your cart until it reads at least 300PV and the 50% discount level will appear as well.  You of course are welcome to order less but to get this amazing discount, 300PV is the magic number.  (Did you also know that SeneGence does not have any selling requirements, or monthly ordering requirements/minimums?  The only requirement is to order 100PV total at some point within a 6 month period! Learn more here.)

If you signed up to casually sell or to build a Boss Babe empire, you have 2 options for what to include in a 300PV order:

  1. A random selection of LipSense colors, glosses, and removers to start your inventory/tester collection.  Your customers will be able to shop from your “store” from day 1.  You can also include products for yourself.  Since you pay $300 plus tax/shipping for $600 worth of products, once you sell those products you are making around a $300 profit!
  2. Take pre-orders and add those products to your cart.  For example, let’s say your mom wants Pink Champagne, Glossy Gloss, and Ooops! Remover (first time customers should get a color of their choice, gloss, and remover), your best friend wants First Love, Glossy Gloss, and Ooops! Remover, your coworker wants Napa, Glossy Gloss, and Ooops! Remover, etc.  You would send your new customers an invoice for the products they would like to order, collect payment, and add the products they ordered to your cart.  Maybe this alone gets you to 300PV, maybe you add extra colors as testers or the awesome skincare to use yourself.  Either way, this is a way to place an order without fronting money yourself.

SeneGence also created brand new kits with a pre-selected variety of products that is a super easy way to get started!  The “Qualified Distributor” kit is my favorite!

LipSense Distributor Qualified Distributor Kit

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a SeneGence and LipSense distributor, the discount structure has always been an amazing and this bonus is truly icing on the cake!  This company offers us so many tools and resources to help set us up for success, and I also love educating and supporting new distributors once they join.  If you have any questions about the Jump Start, the discount structure, or anything at all about being a distributor, contact me below and I’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours! XOXO – Nicole


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