Pantone released their Fall 2017 Fashion Color report based on the colors and trends seen in New York during Fashion Week.  These shades are absolutely beautiful and I’m going to show you the top 10, plus you’ll get to see which LipSense liquid lipstick shades are going to be trending this Fall!

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 1 and 2: Grenadine and Tawny Port

Here they are! The first 2 Top 10 Colors for Fall, Grenadine and Tawny Port.

I love berry shades so I am definitely drawn to Tawny Port – I think this would be a gorgeous color for a sweater, jeggings (are those still a thing? because I live in them), boots, lipstick, etc.

Which of the two are you feeling more?

Education Series Day 1

3 and 4: Ballet Slipper and Butterum

The next 2 top 10 colors for Fall are: Ballet Slipper and Butterum!!!

Okay Ballet Slipper is my spirit color I think! I would have probably gone with hot pink for my 20’s but a mellower soft pink fits my 30’s better 🙂 This is probably my fave lipstick shade as well – I’ve made this soft pink before by layering Bravo with Pink Ice, or Bravo with Party Pink (basically Bravo layered with any bright pink would get close!)

I’m actually into Butterum too I think – probably to drink instead of wear but this pretty shade reminds me of one my sis would like!

Do you like either of these trendy shades?

Education Series Day 2

5 and 6: Navy Peony and Neutral Gray

Halfway through the top 10 colors for Fall! Navy Peony and Neutral Gray – these totally remind me of my former coworker; she always looks classic and elegant and loves to have staples in her wardrobe that she can mix and match. I kind of want to be her if only I could stop buying every graphic tee I see.

My new front door is getting delivered at the end of this month and it is pretty close the Navy Peony color, I’m super excited!

I could definitely live in Gray and most of my house is painted Gray as well (Benjamin Moore, Revere Pewter, FAVE) – what do you think about Grays, yay or nay?

Education Series Day 3

7 and 8: Shaded Spruce and Golden Lime

The 7th and 8th trendy shades for Fall are…Shaded Spruce and Golden Lime!

Shaded Spruce gets me really jazzed. I feel like I could make this work as an eyeliner color or again, a sweater (I’m going to end up with so many sweaters lol).

Golden Lime is one of those colors that I think would look insane on ME, but awesome on someone else. What about you, would this shade be fun on you or sad?

Education Series Day 4

9 and 10: Marina and Autumn Maple

We made it, the last 2 shades from the Top 10 Colors for Fall! Marina and Autumn Maple.

Marina reminds me of a denim shirt which I think I’m going to try to rock this Fall and Autumn Maple I mean, can you get any more Fall than that? Fall is the BEST!!!

Education Series Day 5
Top Coordinating LipSense Lipstick Shades

I’ve of course put together coordinating lipstick and eyeshadow colors for you based on these gorgeous Fall shades.  Want to learn more about LipSense?  Click here!

Fall Trends - Lipstick Edition

Which one do you want to wear this Fall?  Leave a comment with your fave, and thanks so much for reading! XOXO – Nicole

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