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October 2017 Newsletter

Oh my goodness October is going to be a fun one! 5 new LipSense colors were added back to the permanent line and more will come, plus the company has been known to introduce NEW products at their Leaders Conference which I will be attending in the middle of the month 🙂 To stay up to date on these new announcements, make sure to join my FREE beauty community on Facebook below. You’ll get access to my October giveaway (one lucky winner is going to get 3 LipSense colors of her choice!), plus weekly beauty tips such as Halloween makeup ideas and how to find your skin undertone. I look forward to hanging out with you there!
Want to learn how to get 24 Lipstick colors for the price of 12? Write back to this newsletter and I’ll fill you in 🙂

October Colors of the Month are….All Browns/Black!*

For a limited time only (October 1-31) all Brown/Black LipSense colors (pictured above) that I have available will be only $22 (FREE shipping!). Our browns are gorgeous – I am obsessed with Nutmeg! These are great colors for fall – pair them with some boots and a latte and you are good to go 🙂 To see pictures of all colors on different skin tones, check out the lookbook on my website here .
*subject to availability

5 LipSense Colors added back to Permanent Line!


SeneGence currently has over 40 LipSense colors available, all in stock and ready to ship, and they are going to continue adding 15 colors back to their permanent line as well so stay tuned!
You can now order Blackberry LipSense – not just the best lipstick ever for Halloween but a great color to layer with reds to make them a deep burgundy for example; Honey Rose LipSense- the most gorgeous rose gold with amber frost finish lip color there ever was; Hazelnut LipSense – a soft light matte brown with neutral undertones so it looks great on all skin tones; Kiss Me Katie LipSense- a gorgeous shimmery pinkish peach for a perfect natural look!
And…..FIRE OPAL LipSense – this beauty has not been around since before I joined last July and I have always hoped it would come back; it is here FOR GOOD!
Free shipping always, simply click below to send me an e-mail letting me know which new beautiful color you’d like!

Fall Color Trends!

 Pantone released the Top 10 Fall Colors for Fashion and they are stunning! My recent blog post goes over each of these beautiful colors that are going to be popular in fashion and makeup this season.
All LipSense and ShadowSense colors are ready to ship – if you haven’t tried our cream to powder long-wearing ShadowSense yet, what are you waiting for?! You are going to LOVE it 🙂

Sneak a peek at the Fun way to SAVE on makeup and make an income while doing it!

Beauty like a Boss.png
Beauty Like a Boss
I have a great new exclusive group on Facebook where you can be a fly on the wall and learn about my company and what being a distributor entails, at your own pace.
You’ll learn about the Pay Plan, the awesome products, the incentives like the car/trips, WHY so many people are choosing SeneGence for their home business, and what kind of support you’ll get as a distributor. I have a proven system that works set in place for your first 30 days that includes an exact template for your virtual launch event, simple checklists you can use to stay organized, and more. My teammates are now all over the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK so wherever you are, I’ve got you covered! I hope you enjoy 🙂
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