What the heck is your skin’s undertone, and why does it matter?!!

In this blog I’ll explain exactly how you can find out, so that you can choose the makeup colors that are going to be the most flattering for you.  Want access to beauty tips like this weekly?  Come hang out in my FREE beauty community on Facebook!


Skin Undertone Tip #1: Use Natural Light


When trying to figuring out your undertone, make sure to be in natural light. Artificial light can alter your skin’s appearance so stand in front of a window, or go to a nice sunny spot outside  

Skin Undertone Tip #2:  Look at your veins


Check out your veins! Look at the inside of your wrist.

Do you see blue/purple veins? You have cool undertones.

Do you see green? You are likely warm.

Can’t tell if they are more blue or green? You might be neutral!!

Skin Undertone Tip #3:  You and the Sun


Think about how your skin reacts in the sun. Do you burn easily, and not tan? You are probably on the cooler side of undertones. Are you the opposite and rarely burn but tan easily? You are likely warm, or neutral.

If you have naturally dark skin and don’t tend to burn easily, you still could have cool undertones.

Skin Undertone Tip #4:  White Paper Test


Hold a piece of white paper next to your face and check yourself out.

Does your skin look a bit pink? Cool undertone.

More yellow? Warm undertone.

Slightly gray? You probably have a neutral undertone 

Skin Undertone Tip #5: Gold or Silver Jewelry?


This is a fun test! What jewelry tone looks best on you?

If you find silver jewelry more flattering, you probably have a cool undertone.

If gold is your jam, warm undertone.

Equally look great in both you lucky gal you….neutral!

I hope you enjoyed my article about how to find your skin undertone!  Feel free to comment, share, pin, enjoy!

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