Whether you want to be the most extra person at the holiday party (like I do) or subtle but still gorgeous, I’ve got some great holiday lipstick recommendations for you 😉

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Festive and Fabulous Holiday Lipsticks: Reds


Let’s start our Festive and Fabulous holiday lipstick colors off with the popular go-to….Reds!!!! These are my top choices if you want to rock a red lip for the holidays.

Blu Red (cool) and Fly Girl (warm) are both bold, bright reds.
Fire n Ice (cool) is a frosty red.
Caramel Apple (cool) is a super soft frosty red, and the limited edition Caramel Apple Diamond (cool) has a gorgeous shimmer finish thanks to those diamonds 😉

Which of these reds would YOU wear?

Festive and Fabulous Holiday Lipsticks: Berries


Berry shades are another great choice for this holiday season! I’ve been in love with Mulled Wine and Sheer Berry Diamond lately, and Napa is always a favorite as well. Are you a berry girl?

B. Ruby: Cool, Frost
Lexie Beary: Cool, Shimmer
Napa: Cool, Shimmer
Mulled Wine: Cool, Matte
Plum: Cool, Matte
Sheer Berry: Cool, Matte
Sheer Berry Diamond: Cool, diamond finish!

Festive and Fabulous Holiday Lipsticks: Nudes


You just can’t go wrong with a good nude and dramatic eye for the holidays. This is my go-to look! Plus, you can pair your nude lips with natural or no eye makeup the rest of the time 😉

Bombshell: Warm, shimmer
Bravo: Warm, Matte (discontinued but available while supplies last!)
First Love: Neutral, Matte
Fire Opal: Warm, Shimmer
Praline Rose: Cool, Matte
Beige Champagne: Warm, Frost (LOVE)
Bombshell Diamond: Warm, diamond finish!

Festive and Fabulous Holiday Lipsticks: Add a Glam Glitter Gloss!




The easiest way to add some holiday glam to your look is to put a glitter gloss over your lipstick, or rock it alone!

Which one do you think is prettiest?! Silver Glitter, Pink Glitter, Gold Glitter, or the limited edition Diamond Kiss? I clearly love them all!

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