SeneGence just announced the best promotion ever!!! Any new distributor who signs up between January 1 and 31st will automatically receive a $55 credit towards retail products.  $55 in FREE products of your choice, just for signing up??!!  It pays to become a LipSense/SeneGence distributor this month 🙂

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With this $55 credit, you for example could purchase a LipSense collection (that includes a color of your choice, gloss, and remover), or 2 gorgeous ShadowSense shades, or an Original MakeSense Foundation, and many more options!  Anything SeneGence offers for $55, you will automatically have a credit for making those products, FREE!  {Click below to download entire product catalog!}


It is $55 (plus tax/shipping) to become a distributor and this gives you access to 12 months of our fabulous 20 to 50% discount on all products.  Once you sign up, you’ll get access to your ordering page and whenever you choose which products you want, you’ll be able to get $55 of them at no cost! 

Plus, you’ll now be able to enjoy a wholesale discount for an entire year!

There are no selling requirements, so you are welcome to use your wholesale account to purchase products for yourself (read more about our Fabulous Makeup Membership here), OR I of course can teach you how to turn this into a fantastic business which is where the fun is really at 🙂

Ready to take advantage of this incredible January Distributor offer?  Here’s how!

  1. Click here and select the appropriate country.
  2. Select “individual account” and continue.
  3. Nicole Lincoln will show up as your sponsor – yep, that’s correct!
  4. Fill out your personal information – you can leave any business items blank but do make sure to include your correct first and last name
  5. Select “new distributor kit/application”
  6. Create a password and click “sign up now!”
  7. Welcome! I’ll contact you directly to explain how to order when you are ready so you can snag those $55 of free products 🙂

Questions?  Fill out the below form and I will get back to you the same day.  Happy New Year!



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