There are sooooo many gorgeous eye shadows to choose from and I know….it can be hard to narrow down all of the choices!   Is there a certain color that will make blue/brown/green eyes pop?   Which colors go best together?  Can I score a deal if I want 3 colors instead of just one?

As always, I’ve got you covered! 

Keep reading for all the answers to the above questions and more so that you can find the perfect shadows for you or a friend and take advantage of an exclusive Lips by Nic special 🙂

Best Eyeshadows for your Eye Color

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So how do we know which colors will look best?  It is simple – we use color theory!  Color theory suggests that when you look at the color wheel (remember that thing you learned in elementary school?!), the colors across from each other are complementary.  That means if we look up our eye color on the color wheel, and then look across, we get an idea of whateyeshadow colors will complement our eye color the best.  Neat, huh?!

Of course, these aren’t the ONLY shades that you can wear – feel free to mix and match with the colors you love.

Let’s take a look at the ShadowSense shades that compliment various eye colors the best because if you are going to wear eyeshadow, you need one that doesn’t smudge, is water resistant, lasts all day, AND is infused with anti-aging ingredients!  {All swatches photographed by the beautiful Siara Martin of Love Your Lips with Siara}

Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes

Best ShadowSense Colors for Brown Eyes

How gorgeous are these blue and gray eyeshadow colors?! These are sure to make brown eyes pop!

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Best Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes

Best ShadowSense Colors for Green Eyes

Aren’t these purples and pinks DREAMY?!  The perfect colors for you green eyed beauties!

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Best Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

Best ShadowSense Colors for Blue Eyes

I looooove these earthy tones and Rose Gold Shimmer just might be the most gorgeous eyeshadow color ever 🙂

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Now that we know which colors to look for, let’s make it easy and browse through some gorgeous Eye Trios.  When you purchase 3 ShadowSense Colors from Lips by Nic, you actually unlock an EXCLUSIVE deal!  More details at the bottom of the page 🙂

These are 3 colors paired together perfectly in each trio – a highlight color, a transition color, and a contour color.

Wait….what the heck does that mean?!

  • Highlight: this is the lightest color of the trio and can be placed under brow bone, on inner corner of eye, or in middle of lid
  • Transition: this shade is meant to help you transition from the lightest to darkest color; you can blend all over lid or in crease, and can also be used under lower lash line
  • Contour: this color is the darkest of the trio and can be used on the lid, on the outer corner of the eye to add dimension, or as eye liner

Feel free to play around with these combos – maybe one day you want to only use 2 of the colors.  Totally fine!  Lots of different options for you here 🙂

Fave Eye Trios for Brown Eyes

  • Blue Jean Babe ShadowSense Trio
  • Moonlight ShadowSense Trio
  • Ocean Watercolor ShadowSense Trio
  • Sunset ShadowSense Trio
  • Sleigh Bells ShadowSense Trio

Fave Eye Trios for Green Eyes

  • Amethyst Smoke ShadowSense Trio
  • Ballerina ShadowSense Trio
  • Mermaid ShadowSense Trio
  • Chocolate Sweetheart ShadowSense Trio
  • Summer Love ShadowSense Trio

Fave Eye Trios for Blue Eyes

  • The Bronze ShadowSense Trio
  • Lumiere ShadowSense Trio
  • Renegade ShadowSense Trio
  • Foxy ShadowSense Trio
  • Grounded ShadowSense Trio

Fave Eye Trios for ALL Eye Colors

Here are my favorite eye trios, for all eye colors!  Still can’t decide?  You can’t go wrong with “The Every Day”!  These are perfection 🙂

  • Girl Next Door ShadowSense Trio
  • The Every Day ShadowSense Trio
  • Cali Bound ShadowSense Trio
  • Sultry Pink ShadowSense Trio
  • Desert Flower ShadowSense Trio
  • Party Pink ShadowSense Trio

So How Can I Get a Fantastic Deal on a Trio?!  I Need!

As promised, you can get fabulous savings on any eye trio pictured above, or one that you create your own!

Individual ShadowSense colors are $22 each (plus tax/free shipping) but instead of paying $66 for a set of 3, you can score your trio for just $59 (plus tax, FREE shipping always!)

Lips by NicShadowSense Special!Any 3 ShadowSense for $59!.png

To take advantage of this promotion, you have to order from me directly so that I can give you the discount which is SO EASY – simply contact me here (or fill out form at bottom of page) and I’ll send you a Square invoice 🙂  Prefer to save 20 to 50% off everything, all the time?!  Check out our awesome makeup membership here.

While you are shopping, make sure to head over to my fellow Boss Babe Amanda Earnest at Maskcara to snag the “I Shadow Everything brush” – the BEST two-sided eyeshadow brush ever.  One side is big and fluffy for all over the lid and blending, and the other side is more defined for the crease/outer corner and lower lash line.  Enter party #21262 at checkout so that she knows you are my buddy!

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Maskcara I Shadow Everything Brush

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I hope you found the perfect eyeshadow for your eye color 🙂  For more weekly beauty tips including some Eye Trios paired with fabulous lipstick options, and access to exclusive virtual events come hang out in my free beauty community.  Feel free to contact me with questions or comments anytime below, and thanks again! xoxo, Nicole


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