Not 1, not 2, but 5 amazing new Limited Edition LipSense colors were released today!  PLUS, we now have a limited edition Prism Gloss and it is basically the most glorious sparkle you will ever see 😉  These vibrant shades are part of the exclusive Prism of Colors Collection.  If you like bold lipstick, you are going to LOVE the Prism of Colors LipSense Collection.

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New Limited Edition LipSense Shades: Prism of Colors Collection!

Prism of Colors LipSense Collection

First, let’s take a second to admire the exclusive Prism Gloss – infused with vitamin E and Shea Butter for hydration, this gloss is a multi-colored glitter party for your lips!

The LipSense Prism of Colors Collection includes bright and bold matte shades that last up to 18 hours.  You can rock these fun and wild shades without worrying about budges, smudges, or reapplying!

Prism of Colors LipSense Collection

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Get one, mix and match, snag all 5 – whatever you want!  All are in stock and ready to ship, free shipping always 🙂

Pop Art Pink LipSense is a cool pastel pink.

Midnight Muse LipSense is a deep navy.

Lilac Lacquer LipSense is a fabulous lavender.

Skyline LipSense is a light blue-turquoise.

Mod Magenta LipSense is an energizing red-pink.

Don’t forget – if this is your first time using LipSense, you need a moisturizing gloss to go with it to seal the color and hydrate your lips!  I recommend Glossy Gloss (clear and shiny) or Matte Gloss (clear and satin finish).

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Like all LipSense liquid lipstick colors, these last up to 18 hours and are smudge-proof, water-proof, and kiss-proof, plus vegan, gluten free, lead free, wax free, cruelty free, and all around amazing 🙂  (Click here to learn more about how LipSense works!)

Prism of Colors LipSense Collection

I hope you love these fantastic limited edition Prism of Colors LipSense Collection as much as I do 🙂  To order with FREE shipping always, simply fill out the contact form below!  Want to be the first to know about product updates like these, and get access to weekly beauty tips and exclusive events with giveaways?  Come hang out in my free beauty community!  Hope to see you there 🙂



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