Have you heard of Microblading before?  It is a beauty treatment that is gaining popularity and for good reason!  You can wake up with gorgeous looking brows every day, no makeup required!

The Microblading queen at Dolled Up San Diego shared everything you need to know about Microblading with me and I’m so excited to share with YOU, right here!  Make sure to follow Dolled Up San Diego on Instagram so that you can see fabulous pictures of her work 🙂

Everything You Need to Know About Microblading

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1. What is Microblading?

Dolled Up San Diego explains that Microblading is a semi permanent eyebrow procedure that is performed using a special hand held tool called a microblade which contains tiny sharp needles to create hairlike strokes.

2. How long does Microblading last?

Microblading, on average, might being to look faded between 12-18 months.  At this point you might opt for a color boost to keep strokes looking rich.  For some people it can last up to three years depending on how the individual holds the pigment!  Everyone’s skin is different.

Dolled Up San Diego – Microblading San Diego

3. Does it hurt?

Because of the topical numbing anesthetic applied throughout the process, it is relatively painless for most and completely painless for some. At Dolled up San Diego, they always take the time to keep you comfortable throughout the process.

4. How long is the healing process?

Because each person’s skin is different, the healing process can vary for everybody, but the first 10 days to follow are the most critical when following care instructions to ensure desired lasting results.  Most people are completely healed within 2-6 weeks.  After 6 weeks a follow up session is required for touch ups to perfect your brows.

5. Is Microblading only for people who don’t have brows?

Microblading can be for anyone who wants denser, fuller brows.  For some this means creating an entire brow from nothing, but for others it can be about re-shaping or adding to the brows you already have.  With each client, Dolled Up San Diego maps your face using your individual bone structure and pre-draws the brows.  This gives you an opportunity to approve the shape of your new brows and discuss where to focus the strokes before Microblading begins.

No two procedures are identical because your appointment is customized for YOU!

Dolled Up San Diego – Microblading San Diego

So if you are looking to cut your time getting ready in the morning and hoping to wake up with perfect brows, contact Dolled Up San Diego for more information!  You can e-mail at hello@dolledupsd.com or DM on Instagram 🙂

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