Your salon NEEDS lipstick.  And not just any lipstick, because you aren’t just any salon.  Your salon is fabulous, and you only provide the best products and services to your clients, which is why you need to have LipSense on your retail shelves.

I have many salon owners on my team and every single one is loving what adding LipSense to their salon has done for their business!  I’m writing this article so that you can learn about why this could be great for you too 🙂  (And who the heck am I?!  My name is Nicole and I love to empower other women  – read more about me here!)

But what is LipSense?  Why is this a product my clients would love?  What is the profit margin, and how can I go about selling this at my salon?  I’m answering all your questions more in this blog post so if you want to offer the best lipstick out there to your lovely clients while making extra income along the way, keep reading!


Why Your Salon Needs Lipstick

What is LipSense?

Lipstick is huge right now.  While a classic red lip is always in style, and nudes and soft pinks are an everyday go-to, bold bright shades are trendy in 2018 making lipstick an especially fun addiction this year.  There are tons of long-wearing lipsticks out there but there is nothing quite like LipSense.

What in the world is LipSense?  I haven’t heard of it.

Well, you will!  Women are all over the internet looking at how they can get their hands on LipSense liquid lipstick.  “LipSense” was actually the 3rd most googled beauty term in 2017!  (And the recognized smudge-proof makeup of Broadway too #justsaying).  Your clients want LipSense, and YOU could be the one to provide it for them!  If you are in the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK you are eligible to become a LipSense distributor! (In New Zealand or Mexico?  Hang tight – we are coming to you soon!)

LipSense is not sold in stores and is only available for purchase through independent distributors.  Your clients can’t stop by the mall to get this magic, but they CAN stock up when they are visiting your salon.

Let’s go over the basics: LipSense is a liquid lipstick that is wax free and unlike many other long lasting lipsticks, it will NOT dry out your lips.  LipSense is a 2 step process and works with a Shea butter infused moisturizing gloss which helps seal and extend color while adding moisture to your lips.  LipSense is lead free, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and cruelty free!  Each bottle lasts 4 times longer than a regular tube of lipstick, and there are over 50 fabulous colors to choose from.

Check out the below video to SEE the magic in action!

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Why Do My Clients Need LipSense?

There are two big reasons why your clients need to be able to purchase LipSense from you at your salon:

  1. LipSense is a high quality product that will fit in perfectly with the rest of your retail selection. You love your clients and you want to give them the best of the best – you likely have your shelves stocked with high quality products already, so adding the BEST lipstick product out there will align with the 5 star service you like to offer.
  2. Your clients come to you so that they can feel extra beautiful – now they can go home with gorgeous lipstick to finish the look!  Makeup and hair/brows/nails/tanning/anything beauty go hand in hand!!  Going home with a new smudge-proof lipstick color is fun times, for everyone 🙂

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How Should I Display LipSense at my Salon?

It is soooo easy to set up an attractive display without taking up much room.  Some key things to include are: a look book or picture of the colors available, a brochure or cute frame that explains pricing and how LipSense works, a few tester colors and disposable applicators if you’d like your clients to try on colors at your salon, and your inventory! (I teach you how to make the cutest little look book for under $10 as well!)

Cutest Little Look Book Ever, under $10!

We love instant gratification, so you definitely want to have colors available to purchase directly at your salon so your clients can go home with the color they love!

It is also fun for clients to browse through a look book and play with your testers while waiting for their appointment or on their way out.  And don’t we all turn to our hair stylist/brow gal/nail tech/lash queen for beauty advice?!  I know I do!  So you want to make sure that YOU are wearing your favorite LipSense colors each day because that alone will strike up a conversation with your client and you get to then share with them how they can have fabulous lips too 🙂  This is what Michelle, owner of Hot Heads Salon in El Cajon, CA does and has found much success!  Check out her fabulous set up below!

LipSense Salon Set Up by @sweetlipz at Hot Heads Salon – El Cajon, CA

Do I Need to Place a Minimum Order Each Month?

Nope, and that is one of the reasons why adding LipSense to your retail selection can be so profitable.  You are not required to order monthly – simply replenish your inventory as you need to so that YOU are always in control of exactly what you need for your business.  The only requirement is to order every 6 months ($200 total retail value, and you pay less than that with your sweet discount 😉 )

That sounds great.  I love how simple this business model is and that my clients are going to look extra glam but….how do I make an income from this?!

There are two ways to make income by providing LipSense at your salon:

  1. Immediate profits from retail sales.  As a distributor, you get access to wholesale pricing of 20 to 50% off EVERYTHING.  That means, when you place a bulk order and get 50% off, when you sell those products at retail pricing you immediately make a 50% profit.  Customers pay YOU directly, so you aren’t waiting for a check from a company.
  2. Sharing the opportunity with others.  Your customers, fellow employees, and friends are going to want amazing savings too, or will be drawn to being able to start a lip business themselves!  When you help other women become distributors and provide support for them, the company sends you commissions and bonuses.  Win win for all!  (Click here to access full compensation plan).
LipSense Distributor Discount Structure

Ready to get started? Click below to access sign up link and instructions!


Can My Clients Order Products Online Too?

Yep.  Your clients can order through the company website and have orders shipped directly to their house if they can’t make it in to your salon!  You can set it up so that clients order through the website, pay the company directly, the company ships the product directly to your customer, and then sends YOU a commission!  How simple is that?!  Here is an example of my company website!


I hope this article gave you a helpful glimpse into what adding LipSense to your retail selection could do for you and your salon.  Like I mentioned before, I have first-hand experience helping salon owners get started, as I have several fabulous beauty business babes on my team currently throughout the country and even in Canada!  I provide a ton of support for you in our private online training group, where you can connect with other women, ask questions, learn about how to add effective social media strategies to your business plan, and get inspired. (Follow me on social media to see how I market our products by clicking the icons in the top right corner of this page!)

I look forward to working with you!  Questions? Prefer to set up a phone call or message thread to go over everything? I’d love to chat 🙂  Contact me below and thanks again for reading!


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