Monochromatic makeup (using the same shade for eyes, lips, and cheeks) is a huge trend this Spring, and very easy to achieve!  You can add variety with different textures (matte, shimmer, etc.) to create your own fun monochromatic makeup look.

To get instructions for how to nail the monochromatic makeup trend plus specific color and product recommendations, keep reading!

Monochromatic Makeup Trend Made Easy!


Monochromatic Makeup Trends!

I’m going to share two different monochromatic makeup trends with you – one a bold, peachy look and the other a more subtle, nude look – pick whichever one best fits your personality, or use these as inspiration to create your own monochromatic makeup trend!

Monochromatic Makeup Trend #1: Peachy Nude

Eyes: Did you know that our anti-aging creamy Blush shades (BlushSense) can be applied as shadow or lip color as well?!  It’s true!  For this look we are going to mix Terra Cotta BlushSense, a pretty peach, with Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense, a pale neutral, and apply to the base of your lid up towards your crease.

You can use your brush or your finger, doesn’t matter!

Then, use a very thin eyeliner brush/angled brush to draw Garnet (a dark brown ShadowSense) along your upper lash line, and then Terra Cotta BlushSense along your lower lash line.

Highlight the inner corner of your eyes by dotting Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense and blend – this makes your eyes look brighter!


Finish with your favorite mascara and your eyes are done!  Let’s move on to cheeks 🙂

Cheeks: Apply Terra Cotta BlushSense to the apples of your cheeks with your favorite blush brush and blend – this blush goes a looooong way so just use a tiny bit!

Highlight by dotting Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense at the highest point of your cheekbones and blend (you can use your finger, or a brush).

Gorgeous!  Time to finish this monochromatic makeup trend with a peach-coral lip 🙂

Lips: Layer 2 coats of Samon LipSense with 1 layer of First Love LipSense.  As always, make sure to start with clean dry lips, and allow about 15 seconds for each coat to dry before applying the next layer.  (For specific instructions for how to apply LipSense, click here!)

Add your favorite gloss – Pearl (pictured below) adds a subtle opaque finish, or Gold Glitter gloss can jazz up your look 🙂


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Terra Cotta BlushSense, Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense, Garnet ShadowSense, First Love LipSense, Samon LipSense, Pearl Gloss

Monochromatic Makeup Trend #2: Dusty Rose

Eyes: You are going to apply Mulberry ShadowSense all over your lid up into your crease – use your finger or a fluffy brush!


Then, apply Pink Posey ShadowSense to the outer V and blend with a brush.


Finally, draw Garnet ShadowSense along the upper and outer third section of the lower lashline using a thin eyeliner brush.


Finish with your favorite mascara and you have a gorgeous pinkish nude eye!

Cheeks: Apply Toasted Rose BlushSense to the apples of your cheeks and blend with a blush brush.  (This color is my faaaaave!!!)


Lips: Apply 3 layers of Praline Rose LipSense (use same technique from the first look, making sure to let each layer dry!)  Finish with Matte gloss, or go with Glossy if you (like me) love some shine!


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Mulberry ShadowSense, Pink Posey ShadowSense, Garnet ShadowSense, Toasted Rose BlushSense, Praline Rose LipSense, Matte Gloss.


Thanks so much for reading about these pretty monochromatic makeup trends!  Which look are YOU most likely to try?  I love to see selfies so make sure to tag me or send me your thoughts on your monochromatic makeup look!

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