The day has come!!!!!!  SeneGence FINALLY released an uh-mazing lip scrub to give your lips the ultimate pampering experience.  LipSense LipSmooth is HERE!

As the makers of the ever so popular LipSense, they know a thing or two about lips 🙂  While using LipSense liquid lip colors and moisturizing glosses makes your lips super soft over time, LipSmooth is a special treat when your lips need some TLC (such as the colder winter months) or if you are like me and just enjoy making bedtime feel like a trip to the day spa.

Keep reading to learn about what makes LipSmooth so special and even snag one with FREE shipping!

New LipSense LipSmooth Conditioning Polish



What is LipSense LipSmooth Conditioning Polish?

Basically, it is a fancy way of saying “lip scrub.”  But this is a step above your homemade combo of let’s say coconut oil and sugar – while that is totally going to exfoliate your lips, LipSmooth has added ingredients for extra anti-aging benefits and nourishment.

Here are some key ingredients:

  • SenePlex Complex for anti-aging protection (click here to watch quick video that explains the science behind this incredible ingredient!)
  • Coconut Oil and Shea Butter for moisturizing plus acceleration of exfoliation process
  • Bamboo Powder and Ivory Seed powder for non-abrasive exfoliation

Check out the below video to learn more about LipSmooth!



How Do You Use LipSmooth?

I would recommend using LipSmooth right before bed, so that you can follow up with either a lip balm or my fave, Lip Volumizer.  Make sure your lips are clean and dry first, then apply LipSmooth Conditioning Polish directly to lips and massage gently.  Rinse with water, slather on your favorite lip moisturizer, and use two to three times a week for the smoothest lips of your life!

LipSense LipSmooth Conditioning Polish Info.


Are discounts available?

Always, when you sign up for the best makeup membership ever!  If you prefer to purchase LipSmooth, and ANY SeneGence or LipSense product for yourself at a 20-50% discount, consider signing up for a $55 (plus tax/shipping) wholesale account.  You can learn all about it here, and you must be in either the US, Australia, Canada, or the UK with more locations to come 🙂

So there you have it – a brand new lip scrub for soft lips year-round 🙂  To order 24/7 in the US with FREE shipping, click here,  and if you have any questions or comments contact me anytime below! I’d love to connect with you on Instagram as well so that I can keep you in the loop on the latest beauty news 🙂  Thanks so much for reading!

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XOXO, Nicole

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