Woohoo!  You signed up to become a LipSense Distributor!  You are excited to share the lipstick love with others and build a career from your phone (need some Social Media tips?  Check out this super helpful post I wrote with all my favorite tools to build a biz online)  Still thinking about signing up but new a sponsor who is going to help you the whole way?  Let’s chat!)

You might be wondering what to include in your first LipSense Distributor order – should you purchase inventory to have on hand?  Should you order testers?  Or should you wait until your customers tell you what they’d like before ordering, or even skip ordering at all and instead have your customers order online directly through the company?

I’m going to walk you through these 4 ordering options so that you can choose which fits best for you and your business.  With no monthly ordering requirements (except once every 6 months!) you have lots of flexibility in how you do things; one of the below options is going to be a perfect choice for YOU and YOU get to decide – welcome to the beauty of being your own boss 🙂  Keep reading to learn what to include in your first LipSense distributor order!


Option 1: Place a 300PV order within your first 30 days and get a HUGE 50% off

This is my absolute personal favorite option because it has the biggest profit potential and well, who doesn’t like a good profit?!

I did a combination of this with option 3 – I’ll share my exact formula after I explain the 4 options first so make sure to read all the way to the end for those details!

A 300PV order in LipSense Distributor language means you order $600 worth of products and if this is in your first 30 days of signing up, you get a full 50% off!  That means, when you sell those products, you have the potential to PROFIT around $300.  Also, you’ll get 40% off any orders you place the remainder of that calendar month which is super sweet!


You can include any products you want in your first LipSense Distributor order – LipSense, Glosses, Removers, Anti-Aging Skincare, ShadowSense, Foundations, BlushSense, Lip Volumizer, etc.!  You can order products that you intend to sell, you can order products that you intend to use as testers, or you can order products that you want to keep just for yourself 🙂  You can make your OWN tester kit with your faves, which is awesome because it is totally customizable!

Either way, this is hands down the best way to have instant inventory with the potential to make the greatest profit.

Option 2: Order the Lips Kit

Maybe you aren’t interested in choosing your own products for your 300PV LipSense Distributor order, or you don’t want to carry any inventory, but you DO want an instant Tester Kit.  The Lips Kit is a great option for you then!


The Lips Kit is $75 and includes the following:

  • Smaller sizes of Dawn Rising, Bella, Bombshell, Caramel Apple, Sheer Berry, & Luv It LipSense
  • Glossy Gloss
  • Ooops! Remover
  • Beauty Books
  • Distributor Glamour Demo Guide
  • Disposable Applicators
  • Glossy Gloss Sample Strips
  • Order form/customer receipt
  • Gorgeous carrying case!

This is a fantastic price point and you automatically have a tester kit to take with you to parties, events, your salon, etc.  The only downside is you don’t get to choose the colors in the kit, and while the $75 is a great discount it is a true expense – you aren’t selling the products in this kit so there is no profit off of the Lips Kit.

However, the crazy discount and the ease of having an instant tester kit might make this the perfect choice for you and your first LipSense Distributor order!  Did you know, you have a full 6 months to order a Lips Kit, even if you don’t order one when you initially sign up?  So don’t panic if you wish you snagged one – as long as you are in your first 6 months of signing up, you too can get this goodie!

Option 3: Host a Virtual Event and Take Pre-Orders

A virtual event is a fantastic way to introduce our products to potential customers (did you know I share the EXACT template for my team’s successful virtual events after you sign up with me?! It includes how to set up the event, how to invite others, what to say, what to post, graphics, AND how to pre-schedule everything to save you time!  Contact me here if you are looking for a sponsor and I’ll help you get started)

With a virtual event, you are explaining how our products work, showing off pictures, and in turn, taking orders from your new customers who like what they see.  So instead of placing a LipSense Distributor order on your own dime, you are actually collecting payment from invoices and then placing a bulk order that includes the products your customers want.

1 day prior need 1.png

Here’s what is cool about this: You aren’t sitting on inventory that you don’t need.  (Though I love having inventory – I get orders from customers several times a week and being able to pop over to my organizer and fulfill their orders that same day has been the easiest and most profitable).  You are ordering EXACTLY what your customers want, and you aren’t fronting ANY of your own money!  Your customers are paying you the retail value, you are saving when you order with your wholesale discount, you send them their products and they are happy they get to live in a new world of smudge-free lipstick, and you are making money and running your own biz! Everyone wins 🙂

Option 4: Have Customers Order Themselves through SeneGence Website

So many people don’t know this is an option but it 100% is!!! Your customers can order directly through the SeneGence website (referencing your Distributor ID), pay SeneGence directly, and receive their products from SeneGence directly, while SeneGence sends YOU a commission (and they don’t charge you any fees for doing this service!)

If you don’t want to ship orders to customers, or send invoices, or carry inventory – this is by far the easiest option for you!


The one downside is this is less profitable for you than the other options but you still have the potential to make between 20 and 50% commission which is cool!  Here’s why: the commission you receive is based on your “discount level” the day the customer order is placed.  All distributors start each month at the 20% discount level.  Let’s say you haven’t placed an order, and your customer goes to the SeneGence website and places a 50PV order.  SeneGence will send you a 20% commission for that because 50PV is at the 20% discount level.

Let’s say the next day another customer orders 50PV – well, now you are at the 100PV discount level (because the previous 50PV order plus this 50PV order equals 100PV, and PV accumulates each month).  100PV is the 30% discount level, so SeneGence will send you a 30% commission for that order.  Once you get to 300PV, you’ll begin earning 40% commissions that month, and once you get to 750PV you’ll earn 50% for the rest of the month, and then it starts back at 20% the following month.

If you have no interest in shipping out orders and prefer for your customers to order online, this is the BEST solution for you and you are going to be stoked so go ahead and skip your first LipSense Distributor order and try this out!  This is also a fantastic choice if you go on vacation for example.

My Exact Formula for Maximum Savings and Profit

Okay here is EXACTLY what I did when I first signed up and it worked out awe-some.  First, I shared all about LipSense, how it works, the color choices, etc. with my friends online.  I told them the date I was going to place an order.  (Option 3).  If I collected invoices for 6 collections (LipSense, Gloss, Remover) that would add up to $330, or 165PV.


So once I had orders for 6 collections, I began adding other products to my cart (such as colors I wanted to have as testers, and then products I wanted to keep for myself).  I kept adding to my cart until I got to 300PV because – remember why?  300PV = 50% off!!!!!

That means, I received $270 of products at NO COST!!!  I had instantly happy customers, plus instant testers and products for myself, without spending a thing!  I would highly recommend this for your first LipSense Distributor order as you get started too!


Thank you so much for reading – I hope this helps you decide the best option for you as you begin to build your business.  To get updates whenever I post a new blog, click the “Follow” button on the right side of the screen or connect with me on Social Media by clicking the icons above!  Questions or comments?  Contact me below and I look forward to connecting!

XOXO, Nicole

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