If you like lip gloss, you are in for a TREAT with this exclusive new “Bouquet of Glosses” collection!  6 gorgeous moisturizing lip glosses (included 3 brand new limited edition shades) PLUS a free cute pouch?!  Best gift ever – snag one for your mom/aunt/bestie OR treat yourself 🙂

You also can order colors individually so whether you want 1 new gloss, 3, or all 6 – I’ve got you covered with free shipping, always!

To learn more and see pics of these pretty new shades, keep reading!

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What’s Included in the Bouquet of Glosses Collection

The Bouquet of Glosses Collection comes with this adorable free gift bag, plus 6 LipSense Lip Glosses.

LipSense Bouquet of Glosses Collection

3 of these pretty shades are part of the permanent collection (Rose, Orchid, and Bougainvillea) while 3 of the shades are exclusive Limited Editions! (Golden Iris, Blue Orchid, and Sweet Pea).


You can wear any of these glosses alone, or over your favorite LipSense color!

Here are some pictures of each gloss being modeled:


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What’s So Special About LipSense Glosses?

LipSense Glosses are little treats for your lips because they actually add hydration to your lips!  They contain shea butter and vitamin E, which helps condition and soothe dry lips.  I’ve always loved lip gloss but some brands that I used to love are so sticky, so my favorite part about LipSense glosses is that they just feel silky and awesome!

How Can I Order?!

Ordering is super simple!  If you are in the US, either click below to shop 24/7 and checkout using PayPal, or feel free to contact me below if you prefer to pay with credit card and I’ll send you a Square invoice 🙂

If you are in Canada or Australia, I can help you set up your own makeup membership account so that you can order these products for yourself, at a huge discount!  Contact me below to learn how 🙂

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Thank you so much for reading about the brand new Bouquet of Glosses!  This is an amazing gift and I hope you enjoy, whether you are on the giving or receiving end 🙂

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XOXO, Nicole

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