If you are a Rose Gold fan, you are in luck because SeneGence is keeping the Rose Gold love alive with 2 brand new limited edition beauties!  Rosé All Day LipSense and Rose Gold Lip Gloss are available for a limited time only and are the perfect shades as we transition from summer to fall – keep reading to learn more and shop!

*Colors are available as a set, or to purchase individually 🙂

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New Limited Edition LipSense Rose Gold Collection

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First, let’s take a look at exactly what you can choose from in the new limited edition Rose Gold LipSense Collection:

Rosé All Day LipSense (New!)

Rosé All Day LipSense is a returning limited edition LipSense shade and it is STUNNING!  This is a pink gold liquid lipstick color with copper tones and a frosted metallic finish.

Rosé All Day LipSense.png

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Rose Gold Lip Gloss (New!)

Rose Gold Lip Gloss is a brand new limited edition moisturizing gloss.  It has pink and gold glitter (yes please!) blended with a very light Rose Gold tint.  This beauty can be worn alone, or on top of any LipSense lipstick color 🙂

Rosé All Day LipSense (1)

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Rose Gold Glitter ShadowSense

While not a brand new color, Rose Gold Glitter ShadowSense pairs perfectly with your new Rose Gold lipstick and gloss so if you are looking to complete the Rose Gold look of your dreams, make sure to check out this gorgeous color as well!  (You can check out the blog post I wrote specifically on this shade when it was released in January here!)

Rose Gold Glitter ShadowSense is a pink gold shadow color with bold glitter.  The trick to using this shadow correctly is to pat the color onto your lid, instead of brushing back and forth like you might be used to.  Once you get this technique down trust me, this is going to be your favorite eyeshadow color ever 🙂


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That’s 1 new Rose Gold LipSense color, 1 new Rose Gold Lip Gloss, and 1 oldie but goodie Rose Gold ShadowSense color!  Rose Gold is elegant, fun, sassy, and timeless in my opinion so if you haven’t tried this trend out yet, give it a shot!  You have a full 12 months to return any product if you aren’t completely satisfied for a 100% refund so you have nothing to lose 🙂

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Don’t forget – if this is your first time using LipSense, you need a moisturizing gloss to go with it to seal the color and hydrate your lips!  You can’t go wrong with Glossy Gloss (clear and shiny) or the new Rose Gold Gloss. Click here to learn more about how LipSense works!

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I hope you love the brand new LipSense Rose Gold Collection as much as I do!  If you have any questions or need help choosing a color, fill out the form below please and I’ll contact you shortly!  For daily pics and beauty/home/style inspo, let’s connect on social media – talk to you soon 🙂

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