Being a LipSense distributor comes with a LOT of perks.  Yes, there are the priceless ones like the ability to work from home, the chance to meet new people and help others, to have fun, and to wear awesome makeup but in this post I’m going to share the rewards and programs we get access to that you can set out measurable goals to work towards achieving.

Trips around the world, a blue car, gifts, and more – keep reading to learn about the amazing perks that can come with becoming a LipSense Distributor!  Ready to sign up and do this thing?!  Click below!



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Lips Trip and SeneStar Trip

One of the biggest perks you can works towards as a LipSense distributor are the trips all over the world! There are two trips a year that you can earn: one is called the LIPS trip, and the other is called the SeneStar trip.  You can earn anywhere from an all expenses paid trip for you AND a guest, to a trip for yourself, to a portion of your trip paid for.

(I earned the LIPS trip last year to Costa Rica and took my husband in January – he was skeptical and thought it was going to be a week of LipSense trainings but he was wrong and instead we found ourselves on the vacation of our dreams!  These trips truly are vacations in case you have a skeptic on your hands lol).

Of course, SeneGence recognition trips are a PERK, not a given, and require effort and performance levels in Personal Sales and/or Group Sales that not everyone achieves. However, the best part is that SeneGence provides the opportunity for everyone to work towards achieving these trips based on their own level of knowledge, skill, and effort combined with the training and support available to us through SeneGence.  To read the full rules and requirements, click here to learn about the LIPS trip and here to learn about the SeneStar trip 🙂

Lips Trip.png
LipSense Distributor LIPS Trip
SeneStar Trip
LipSense Distributor SeneStar Trip



In addition to the trips you can earn as LipSense Distributor, there are also gifts and prizes you can earn along the way too!  Let’s learn a bit more about two of the main programs:

Significant SeneSellers

Signifcant SeneSellers are LipSense Distributors who consistently share and sell our products.  To qualify, you order 750PV each month for 3 consecutive months.  That’s it!  You are then considered a Significant SeneSeller for as long as you continue to order 750PV a month.

What happens next?  You unlock several awesome perks!  These include a FREE featured product of the month every month that you remain a Significant SeneSeller mailed straight to your home!  You also get faster shipping and newsletter recognition.

One way to achieve this perk is to pre-order 750PV worth of product at the beginning of the month, that you will then turn around and sell to your customers for the duration of the month until you deplete your inventory, and start again the following month.  When you order 750PV at the beginning of a calendar month, not only do you get 50% off that order but you receive FREE shipping and 50% off anything else you order the rest of the month, even just one lipstick.  I also like that you have that extra motivation to sell those products the rest of the month by providing awesome value to your customers, using the power of social media to attract buyers, hosting in-person events, or whatever you choose to do to share our products with others 🙂

Significant SeneSeller.png

SeneSales & SeneSponsoring

Another perk you can work towards as a LipSense Distributor is to earn a SeneSales or SeneSponsoring award each quarter.  These recognitions are given after you sell a certain amount, or sponsor a certain number of new distributors, in a quarter and the gifts you get to choose from are insane!  I recently earned a SeneSponsoring award and chose a mini Fuji camera!  Some of the prizes are crazy like an Apple Watch!

How do you earn these awards?  Check out the images below 🙂


SeneSales and SeneSponsoring
LipSense Distributor SeneSales and SeneSponsoring Gift Catalog



As a LipSense Distributor, you usually can’t help but share the joy and opportunity with others (who can keep something so fun a secret?!) and as a result, you begin to sponsor other new distributors into the organization (looking for a sponsor by the way?!  I’ve helped over 100 women start their own beauty businesses all over the world and would love to help you too, just click here to chat with me!)

When your new distributors begin to place their qualifying orders, and sponsor new distributors of THEIR own, you begin to climb the compensation plan and increase your “Royal Rank” (SeneGence likes to treat us like royalty 😉 )  One of the fun perks that come with an increase in Royal Rank is a beautiful new stackable ring!  Check out some of the ranks and rings below, and click here to read about the entire compensation plan.

Royal Court.png
LipSense Distributor Ranks and Rings



Yep, it is true.  As a LipSense Distributor, you have the opportunity to earn a car PAID for by SeneGence (I wrote an entire blog post all about this fun perk here if you want to read in more detail).

Based on your personal sales and sponsoring efforts, and the sales volume your distributors generate, you too can qualify to earn a SeneCar.  Once you qualify, you can lease any blue car you’d like and SeneGence will reimburse you between $250 and $500 each month, depending on your qualification level. Which blue car do YOU want to drive?!

(The SeneGence SeneCar Program requires effort and performance levels in Personal Sales and/or Group Sales that not every Independent Distributor achieves. Nevertheless, SeneGence provides an entrepreneurial opportunity for everyone to achieve these levels and the lease reimbursements that SeneGence makes available, based on their own level of effort, knowledge and skill. For more information on the achievements required to participate in the SeneGence SeneCar Program please see the Official Rules here.)

LipSense Distributor SeneCar



There are two awesome discount programs that LipSense Distributors have access to where you can save even more than you already do with our awesome discount structure!  Let’s learn a bit more about both:

Jump Start

With the Jump Start program, you can get a full 50% off any 300PV order ($600 retail) you place in your first 90 days.  Usually, you need to place a 750PV order to get 50% off so this is a huge bonus in your first 3 months as a LipSense Distributor!  To read my full blog post all about the Jump Start program, click here.

Jump Start.png
LipSense Distributor Jump Start Program

Fast Start

The Fast Start Program is another bonus available to LipSense Distributors in their first 90 days.  With this program, you can get up to $1200 of FREE products sent to you!  Click here to read full blog post about these incredible perks.

Fast Start
LipSense Distributor Fast Start Program

There you have it!  A glimpse into the many, many perks available to LipSense Distributors.  I hope you enjoyed reading! If you have any questions or comments at all, simply leave me a message below.  Ready to sign up?  Click below and let’s get started!



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