Part 1:

Part 1 (3)

So I did a thing and…… closed my beauty business. A few weeks ago I strongly felt I was supposed to shift the way I was spending my time and focus more on being a wife, mom, friend, woman, sister, human, and that’s what I did!

What an incredible experience the last 2 years as a LipSense Distributor were – I have had the honor of helping hundreds of women feel extra beautiful, was able to help over 100 women in 4 different countries start their own businesses, earned a few awards as a result, and enjoyed an amazing all expenses paid trip to Costa Rica with my husband. I’ve donated thousands of dollars to Memorial Sloan Kettering in honor of my mom from my LipSense Distributor business, made incredible friendships, and stretched my capacity to learn and personally grow.

I learned a LOT: how to literally build a website, how to provide value to others through my blog and Pinterest and in turn gaining pretty cool new customers and teammates just about every week (oh internet how my shy self loves you so), how to lead when I usually prefer to follow, and how to do Facebook live trainings for thousands of people without throwing up. I learned new ways to use my creativity, how to use social media without everyone wanting to unfriend me (I mean, unless you despise Taco Bell, I’m pretty harmless), how to surround myself with a positive network of people, and how to teach others to do the same.Did I help you in some way over the last 2 years? I sure hope so. Because I can’t even count the ways so many of you helped me – the support, the rekindled connections, the new friends, the letting me show you how my lipstick doesn’t smudge off; words can’t express my gratitude so I will just simply say – THANK YOU.

But Why Leave a Successful Business?

I’ve been asked this question a lot – “why leave a business where you are finding success?! That is cray-cray.  Didn’t you sponsor almost 100 women last year?”  Here’s the thing: the time and effort that was required of me as a LipSense Distributor no longer was WORTH the success.  It is as simple as that.  I built my business 100% online, but that was not the norm so it required a lot of thinking outside of the box.  Time spent re-creating the wheel, trying to teach others who wanted to learn how to build a business online too, packaging and shipping orders – the time it took to achieve this success is precious to me, and I wanted to spend my time differently.

So, That’s It?

Well…..even though I was happy with my decision I was left asking myself a few questions:

  • What will happen to my new skill set, that I’ve grown to find such joy in using? And what does the future of my beloved Lips by Nic blog look like?!
  • Is there something out there that even exists where I can honor my commitment to myself and my family, while still flexing my entrepreneurial muscles when I want?
  • And if there were, would it also be something that I could help others do with me 100% online, even if they don’t know the internet the way I do?

Do you think I found any answers? Make sure to check out Part 2 to see!  Questions or comments? You know I love to hear from you, contact me below 🙂

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