If you didn’t read Part 1 yet, head over there first to find out why I left my beauty business and what made me look for a change 🙂

Part 2:


Part 1 (4)

I did find some answers to my questions. I initially thought I had to decide between #momlife and #bossbabe and didn’t think there was a 3rd option. I dreamed up a wish list anyway of an opportunity that would give me an awesome blend of both and when I found out it actually existed in real life well, I could see the quote “When one door closes, another opens” written in pink sparkly letters and I ran right into them.

A New Business?!

100%!  I’ve partnered with a brand that captured my full attention and here’s what I get to do now:
  • Continue to be an entrepreneur but truly using the very LIMITED time that I am willing to offer. I like wearing my #housewife hat these days and this company gets that I am busy mom’ing
  • Serve others in a way that can have a huge impact on their health, their home, their confidence, and not just women but everyone
  • Build a biz 100% online, just the way I like it #pajamasforlife. This company teaches us exactly what I’ve been preachin’ the last few years so no need to reinvent the wheel here, we just need to drive!

What was required of me was to be coachable, willing to help others and know to use my cell phone ( and double ). This was probably #1 on my wishlist so I’m just pinching myself over here – a modern business I can TEACH to others that doesn’t require all the extra stuff I know (from living with a savvy and very handsome internet marketer).  We have such a s SIMPLE system that is authentic, non-salesy, provides genuine value to other lives, and is easy to follow from day 1.  Here’s what we don’t have to do:

  • No parties
  • No stock
  • No shipping
  • No spamming your friends
  • No pre-purchasing inventory to sell
  • No monthly minimums + no quotas

Do I Have Your Attention?

Because I’m looking for someone ready to #bossbabe with me 

AND!!! I also figured out the future for my Lips by Nic blog too! You’ll still be able to read about the topics I love to write about – motherhood, home decor, beauty, wellness, plus a side of confidence because the LIPS part is getting a lil’ makeover.

LIPS now represents Life in Pink Stilettos – and what does that mean? It means that whether you are in sweats and covered in spit up, or in a power suit closing deals, in a happy season, trying season, or downright tough season that you can STILL find that inner confidence as if you were rocking a pair of pink stilettos. If you don’t already know what a QUEEN you are, I hope that some of what I write about there is going to help you :

If you want more info. about what I’m up to or maybe you even want to throw on your proverbial pair of stilettos with me and start this business with me, contact me below and let’s do this!!  It’s going to be a fun ride.  Thanks so much for reading!

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