If you’ve been following my blog, you may have already read here when I mentioned I partnered with a non-toxic wellness brand.  Well, becoming an Independent Modere Social Marketer has knocked my socks off and I am SO excited to share more about what “social marketing” is with you!  Ready to get started?  Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page for simple instructions to sign up!

This post is going to explain 6 reasons why being a Modere social marketer with this company rocks, plus I’ll give you an 7th “bonus” reasons that shares how I now finish my “to-do” list in less than an hour a day (and how you can too)!

Whether you are new to this industry and looking for a fun side hustle you can work from your phone, or maybe you are a broken network marketer ready to quit entirely unless you find something SIMPLER – I’ve got you!  Let’s chat so I can help 🙂

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To learn more about why this opportunity as a Modere social marketer is so unique, fun, and interesting, keep reading and I’ll break it all down for you!

Why Being a Social Marketer ROCKS

Why Being a Modere Social Marketer ROCKS!

1. Easy Shopping Experience for customers = Happy customers = happy you!

When you sign up as a Modere social marketer, you get 2 free websites – one for customers, and one for potential social marketers.  I almost cried with joy when I bought my first item as a customer – the website is simple, clean, modern, and easy to use.  Modere social marketers share their referral code (similar to affiliate marketing) and with that link, new customers get $10 off their first order and Modere social marketers begin to earn within the compensation plan. Customers become your customers forever, but the shopping experience feels more like when you go to Sephora for example as opposed to on a typical direct sales website – social retail is so different and fun!

Want $10 off YOUR first order so you can see what it is like to be a customer AND get a discount?!  Click below and I’ll send your code over to you!

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2. Perks for customers = happy customers = perks for you!

Share the Love!

There is a “Share the Love” program which means customers get THEIR own referral link to share with others.  They can earn product credits while helping their friends get $10 off their first orders and guess who gets the commission?  YOU as the Modere social marketer. It is SO fun to be able to help your customers get fun perks too, without having to host a party for example.

Also, the company has special promotions every month!  These sales are fun for customers to look forward to as well 🙂

Ready for more details about how YOU could get started?  Contact me below and I’d love to help you!

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3. A simple, effective system and training

Gone are the days of having to recreate the wheel, or needing to search for information on “attraction marketing” because that is how you like to do things but your company is encouraging you to be spammy, or having to be part of 100 groups so you can piece together different trainings.

And then our team takes it a step further and has created a monthly plan to follow, including a monthly virtual event for potential customers, a monthly virtual event for potential Modere social marketers, healthy living free challenges to invite people to participate in, and a group where customers can  share their pics and testimonials so that other customers can SEE for themselves from real people what they are loving!  You don’t have to use these resources, but they are wonderful tools that you get for FREE to build your business 🙂

Let’s talk attraction marketing for a second: YOU are your brand – the company doesn’t define you.   The company teaches you to live your life, build actual relationships, be authentic, and in turn have an awesome business! Think about it this way – there are two people you see showing up in your newsfeed.  One is constantly posting about her products or company promotions, asking you to buy from her, and basically just using her page as a commercial.  The second is posting about her life – sharing some yummy recipes, a funny story, a book recommendation, and a pic of her glowing skin that has you wondering what magic she has been using.  Which one are you more likely to connect with? I don’t know about you but I’ve already blocked number one, and am messaging number two to ask what her secret is.  This is attraction marketing.

Spoiler alert: when you partner with me, I’m going to teach you how to achieve the latter 😉

(If you are looking for simplicity in your next business, this easy method has been a game changer for me.  Contact me below if you want a bit more of the details on how our team of Modere social marketers works and why I think you would love it too)

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4. 100% online.

Working from home online ROCKS

Let me say that again for the people in the back – as a Modere social marketer you get to run your business 100% online! No inventory, no parties, no demos, no shipping, no ordering stock hoping you’ll sell it, no supplies.  You don’t need any fancy software our apps – you actually will get access to 3 simple company apps that have everything you need!  A phone or a tablet or a laptop and you are good to go.

Let’s say you are chatting with someone who wants to know more about the non-toxic deodorant you’ve been loving – within seconds, you can open your app, click on the deodorant, and you’ll see options to e-mail, text, copy link, and more – choose whichever option you like (I love the copy link feature) and send over.

What is so cool about the link?  Your $10 off first order code is embedded in it, so that they get $10 off and you (as the Modere social marketer who referred them) earn commission, PLUS it will bring up a picture of the product, ingredient list and details.  They can order directly from that link – so simple!!!

5.  A wide variety of fantastic products

It is so fun to be a Modere social marketer where you can market so. many. good. products.  There is a variety of non-toxic goodies including household care (laundry, cleaning, dish supplies, room spray, etc.), personal care (skincare, EWG verified toothpaste, hair care, a men’s line, etc.), weight management and nutrition (protein, vitamins, greens, supplements, etc.), plus an award-winning liquid collagen line.

These are products that have clean labels and avoid harmful chemicals, and there are options for women, men, AND children.  At affordable price points, I love that so many people can be served instead of a very small niche.

Want to watch a fantastic 13 minute video that explains more about the product line and the Modere social marketer business model?  Contact me below to request it today!

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6.  A killer compensation plan

Modere Social Marketer Compensation Plan

This is one of the coolest parts about being a Modere social marketer – there are two different sides to the compensation plan.  Typically, in MLM or network marketing companies you earn commissions once you build a team – you sponsor others to your organization, and then you earn a percentage based on what they order.  This brand is very different – yes, you can earn commissions and bonuses and rank advance based on the team you build BUT you also can earn commissions and bonuses and rank advance based on your CUSTOMERS.

Now while I love to do both because I love sharing awesome products AND an awesome business opportunity with others, you do not have to sponsor or grow a team if you don’t want to! You can earn these wonderful perks based on your happy customers and their orders.  How cool is that??!!

To access the full Modere social marketer compensation plan, contact me below and I’ll send it right over.

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And you said you get to work your biz in less than an hour a day? How?

Let’s have this be the 8th reason being a Modere social marketer rocks, but it is my #1 FAVORITE.  This business is all about working smarter, not harder.  As a Modere social marketer, I am able to accomplish more, in less time than I ever have.  I follow a simple formula each day that includes inviting others to take a look at either my products or business opportunity (though to be honest, most people come to YOU asking for more info. because of the types of posts you will learn how to do with our training system).  I then follow up with my happy customers and potential customers/business partners to answer any questions, do a little personal development, and a quick post on social media (though if you check out my accounts, you’ll notice I never post about specific products directly – people come to social media to be SOCIAL so most of my posts have nothing to do with our products or business and instead entertain/add value, and I’ll explain that in more detail to you if you’d like, just message me!)

That’s it.  Sometimes I start looking around wondering what it is that I am forgetting, because I was soooo used to having a long list of things I needed to do (I used to spend time creating graphics, now I don’t have to, I used to spend time thinking of content for my own FB group, now I don’t need to manage one by myself, I used to spend time packaging and mailing out orders, doing demos, and going to vendor events, now I don’t have to).  There is nothing wrong with a business model that focuses on more in-person tasks – I have friends who LOVE doing vendor events for example, and might not be drawn to what I’m doing now.  But if you ARE looking for a way to make income from home, 100% online, that is simple, effective, and leaves time in your life to do all of the other things you love as well, becoming a Modere social marketer is definitely an opportunity worth looking into.

I’m Ready to Sign Up as a Social Marketer!

Yay!  Here are instructions for what to do so that you can become a social marketer today!

It is $39.99 to sign up (annually) – no monthly minimums, and this comes with 2 free websites (one for your customers, and one for people who want to join the business)

To join, visit https://nicolelincoln.shiftingretail.com/ and click “Join”.

There are several options for signing up:

  1. Sign up for $39.99 and add one of the XM Launch packs – these have some amazing discounts and features that come with them!  (Pic below)
  2. Sign up for $39.99 and add 480 points worth of products – you’ll get to try a variety of products and be qualified for a bonus of 3-11% in your first 90 days as you work toward and reach Director 1 status 🙂  Also a good idea to sign up for 75 points on autoship to collect customer referral points for free $ toward product but this is NOT required; this would be products that you plan to use monthly that you’d like to get at a bigger discount 🙂 {this is what I did, the XM packages weren’t available yet when I joined}
  3. Sign up for $39.99 and add 150 points worth of products – this still gives you a chance to try out the products so you can start sharing your personal experiences with them, as well as qualify for commissions 🙂
  4. Sign up for $39.99 and skip adding any products right away – there are no product purchase requirements, unless you are collecting commissions.  Your customer orders AND your personal orders both count as points though so that you can unlock that commission!


Thank you so much for reading!  If you want more specific details on this business and opportunity to become a Modere social marketer, contact me below and I’ll share with you directly so that you can decide if this is the right fit for you.  Want to connect on social media?  Follow me on Instagram below and make sure to say hello 🙂

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XOXO, Nicole

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