If you know me, and you heard my website is called “Life in Pink Stilettos”, you would probably be like, “Nicole, you haven’t worn heels in years. You wore WEDGES to your own wedding. You are wearing slippers right now and you know it so why the weird blog name?!”

And you would be right lol – heels are not my thing. BUT there is a backstory about how my beloved blog became Life in Pink Stilettos. Let’s start from the beginning!

Lips by Nic

In 2016 I somehow got into network marketing. I don’t know why, but I decided I would join a popular direct selling lipstick company and one of the first things you were supposed to do was come up with a “business” name for yourself. I came up with the very creative….wait for it….Lips by Nic. (Get it? Lipstick? and I’m Nicole? It is okay if you are cringing!)

Okay here’s the thing though….I had sort of felt like this beauty business was something my mom would have been into, and she used to call me Nic, so I decided I would crush it and donate a portion of everything I made to Memorial Sloan Kettering in her honor. So this silly name “Lips by Nic” actually meant a lot to me.

The original Lips by Nic website

And wow did I jump right in – I branded Lips by Nic everywhereeeeee. You Tube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and of course, my website. I bought the domain name for http://www.lipsbynic.com and started blogging about my business and since I was one of only a few people who were really using blogging as a tool to sell product and recruit new team members – things kind of took off.

I wrote about beauty tips, social media marketing, how to start your own business, details about every product our company had and before I knew it, within an hour of anything I wrote I would be selling more lipstick and welcoming a new teammate. It was fun, I made some friends, I trained hundreds of women, I went to Oklahoma after getting lost in Denver from getting on the wrong plane to Oklahoma (but that is a different story for a different day), I played with makeup, I went to Costa Rica for free with my husband, and I learned a ton about marketing.

I quit

And then, I just quit. My heart wasn’t in it anymore and I felt very strongly called to be more present for my family. Even though I wasn’t spending more than 15 hours a week on my business, I still felt that even those 15 hours would be better spent as a more present homemaker, wife, and mother. But I didn’t want to get rid of my blog – I LOVE writing. I have had several blogs over the years and Lips by Nic had been my fave!

I didn’t want to come up with a new name though – on the technical side, it is a pain, and even though “Lips by Nic” didn’t make sense anymore, I was emotionally attached to it. So, my literature loving former colleague Jess helped me come up with a way to turn LIPS into an acronym. We went back and forth with a bunch of ideas but when she suggested Life In Pink Stilettos, it felt right!

L.I.P.S. by Nic

And that is how L.I.P.S. (Life in Pink Stilettos) by Nic (me!) was born. The image of pink stilettos made me think of the confidence that you possess to wear them. Like if you are showing up to the party in pink stilettos, you are feeling good, feeling hot, feeling fun! And that feeling of confidence doesn’t require stuffing your feet in the actual pink stilettos. I think of it as more of a mindset – loving yourself well and exuding confidence that makes you strut right in to wherever you are going, ready to live your best life (even if you are wearing leggings and dry shampoo. Or in my case, more often pajama pants and a trucker hat that says “#HOUSEWIFE in gold glitter).

Life in Pink Stilettos

So here we are friends! My happy space online. I don’t write about network marketing anymore, and I don’t sell anything. Instead, I write about things that bring me joy – motherhood, home decor, beauty, fashion, and life. I hope that some of what I write brings you joy too 🙂 Thanks for being here!


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