What is LipSense?

LipSense is the best long-lasting lipstick on the market.  It lasts 4-18 hours without having to reapply color. And it doesn’t smudge!  This is my favorite part – I can drink my coffee, kiss my kids, etc. without getting color everywhere.

Basic Info

LipSense is wax free and unlike other long lasting lipsticks, it will not dry out your lips.  LipSense works with a Shea butter gloss which helps seal and extend color while adding moisture to your lips.  LipSense is lead free, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and cruelty free 🙂  Each bottle lasts 4 times longer than a regular tube of lipstick, and there are over 50 colors to choose from.


What to Get

First time customers start with a color of your choice, a gloss and a remover. That is $55 and each additional color is $25 and each additional gloss is $20.  The gloss and remover you only need to buy initially and then they will work with any color.  LipSense is a 2 step process; the color goes on first in 3 layers, and the hydrating gloss seals the color in while moisturizing lips!


How to Choose a Color

Please fill out this Color Match Questionnaire so that I can suggest some great options for you.  Feel free to look at my inventory in my Facebook Group Lips by Nic or get inspiration on my Pinterest page.


If you’d rather join the fun and learn about how to sign up for $55 instead so that you can buy lip colors, makeup, and skincare at wholesale (20-50% off every order, no minimums or monthly requirements) let me know and I’ll get you more info. or click here to get started.  For more information, visit the Career section of this website.  Either way, thank you!!