Are you interested in being a work-from-home #bossbabe, with a chance to own your own business and control your own schedule, without sacrificing the precious time reserved for all of the other things that matter to you most?!

If YES, then I would love to connect with you so I can show you how you can work from your phone AND live your best life.   I’ve completed countless hours of trainings from experts combined with my own instincts and trial and error to figure out how to work smarter, not harder, and I can’t wait to share with YOU.


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My name is Nicole, and I’m a married mama to 2 boys and a lifestyle blogger at Life in Pink Stilettos, where I write about motherhood, home decor, beauty, non-toxic living, and more.  Previously, I spent many years working in finance before getting my Master’s degree in Education and becoming a teacher. After a few years and the growth of my husband’s business, it became clear that my family needed me at home, which I was excited to do but also wondered if there was something I could still do professionally – I found network marketing and have been in love with being a MOM-preneur since.

The time freedom and control over my own schedule is addicting!  

My organizational skills have made me an expert trainer, and in my first direct sales company I successfully taught over 100 women across the US and globe how to become at home #bossbabes as well.


I won many awards for my sponsoring efforts, earned an all-expenses paid trip to Costa Rica, and had a lot of fun but over time it became clear that I did things differently than most people at the company – I am super shy and I love the internet, so I found every way possible to build my business 100% online and wanted to find a brand that was effectively using the internet like me!  Plus, I wanted to be able to share an opportunity with others that was truly duplicatable.

When I found a company that was 100% online based and totally in line with what “social retail” should look like in our modern world, that was more aligned with my healthy living lifestyle, and that allowed me much more time to spend with my family and on outside interests, I started over and haven’t looked back since!  


I partnered with an amazing brand that has an affiliate-link based business model – you’ve probably experienced affiliate marketing before even if you don’t know it!  Have you ever purchased something from a brand, and then the brand gives you a product credit for sharing your referral link with friends?!  Same fun concept! 

I began working with leaders who have built multi-million dollar businesses and share all their secrets.  And I began to follow their simple, straightforward attraction marketing based methods that allow me to share fantastic products with others without being salesy or annoying – exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do too!



A few reasons why I chose the company I am with now are:

  • Wide variety of fantastic, non-toxic products with something that appeals to ANYONE – men, women, all!
  • Strong team with layered leadership so that we can all help each other instead of having to recreate the wheel individually
  • Attraction marketing based – no spamming your friends!
  • Simple and effective training system – are you willing to learn the 3 easy steps?!
  • Rewards program for customers
  • 100% online!  No inventory, no parties, no shipping, no demos, no pre-purchasing products that you may or may not sell.  Instead, a true “social retail” experience of sharing great products with others!

Are you excited??!!


If you are willing to learn, driven, active on social media, and ready to try something different, then I would LOVE to work with you. Let’s #bossbabe together and make 2019 an incredible year!

Please fill out the form below and I will contact you within 24 hours!  Thanks so much for reading 🙂

XOXO, Nicole