If you are looking for a TRULY smudge-proof lipstick, welcome!  You are in the right place 🙂

Here you can find ALL of the gorgeous smudge-proof, kiss-proof, water-proof and fabulous LipSense colors available.  There are over 50 to choose from! I am no longer a distributor so to order, reach out to your local distributor at SeneGence.com!



The LipSense Colors

When you find a lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours, is vegan and cruelty free, is literally smudge-proof, free of lead and gluten, and works with a moisturizing gloss to keep your lips super soft, YOU NEED ALL OF THE COLORS.

LipSense, the above mentioned magical liquid lipstick, is available in over 50 of the most gorgeous colors out there 🙂  (Yes, I have all current LipSense colors because I get them for 50% off and so can you!)

Shimmery and pink, matte and nude, frosted berry and everything in between, there are truly LipSense colors for everyone.

I’ve put together a run down of the exclusive current  LipSense colors available; all you need to do is start working on your wish list 🙂

I’ll go through each of the general LipSense Colors, and then go into more detail LipSense color by color to help you choose your perfect shade.  You can also see selfies on various skin tones of all the LipSense colors here.  

*Note: each LipSense color is either warm, cool, or neutral based and is either matte (flat, satin finish), shimmer (slight glimmer/sparkle), or frost (icy finish).

LipSense Colors: Limited Editions!

These are the limited edition shades that I have available in VERY limited quantities due to their popularity!  You can’t go wrong with a fabulous Limited Edition LipSense color 🙂

Coastal Collection | Summer Love, Summer Fun, Nude Pink

Diamond Collection | Sheer Berry Diamond, Caramel Apple Diamond, Bombshell Diamond

Prism Collection | Pop Art Pink, Lilac Lacquer, Skyline, Mod Magenta, Midnight Muse

Valentine’s Day Collection | Sweetheart Pink, Be Mine

2017 Limited Editions | Coral-Lina, She’s Apples, TEAM Wicked

LipSense Colors: Light Pinks

It is hard to go wrong with a romantic pink lip color.  A light pink is enough color so that it looks like you are wearing something, but subtle enough to not overpower your look.  If you are looking for a lipstick you can dress up or down, you can’t go wrong with the current LipSense Light Pink colors.

LipSense Colors: Pinks

There is something so timeless and fun about a good pink lipstick color!  Our Pink shades aren’t too light, and aren’t too bright – they are JUST right and perfect for the office, date night, errands – anywhere you want 🙂  Check out our current LipSense Pink colors!

  • Aussie Rose: Cool, Shimmer
  • Fleur De Lisa: Cool, Shimmer
  • Goddess: Cool, Matte
  • Heartbreaker: Warm, Shimmer
  • Luv It: Warm, Frost
  • Sassy Z: Cool, Matte
  • Summer Sunset: Cool, Matte

LipSense Colors: Light Nudes

Nudes are the most natural shades available and are going to be the closest to your own lip color.  Maybe you never wear makeup and you want something that is natural and reflects your personality, or maybe you want to pair a dramatic dark smokey eye look with a nude lip.  Either way, here are the gorgeous current LipSense Light Nude colors available.

LipSense Colors: Dark Nudes

Love the nude look but looking for something with a deeper color?  Dark nudes make a great choice.

  • Bella: Neutral, Matte
  • Precious Topaz: Warm, Shimmer
  • Beige Champagne: Warm, Frost
  • Nude: Neutral, Matte
  • Praline Rose: Cool, Shimmer

LipSense Colors: Reds

There is something so bold and timeless about a classic red lip.  If you love having all eyes on you, bright or deep red lips are a perfect choice.  Here are the beautiful LipSense Red colors to choose from:

LipSense Colors: Dark and Bright Pinks

Dark and bright pinks are just plain fun.  When you don’t have to worry about your lipstick smudging or reapplying, you can rock whatever colors you want!  Here are the variety of current Dark and Bright Pink LipSense colors available to you:

  • Kiss For a Cause: Cool, Shimmer
  • Plumeria: Cool, Shimmer
  • Dark Pink: Cool, Matte
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Cool, Matte
  • Roseberry: Cool, Matte
  • Razzberry: Cool, Matte

LipSense Colors: Oranges

From burnt oranges to bright corals, orange lipstick is a popular choice for 2017!  If you are drawn to earthy tones, or like bright punches of color, check out the LipSense Orange colors you have to choose from!

  • Caramel Latte: Warm, Shimmer
  • Plum Pretty: Warm, Frost
  • Persimmon: Warm, Matte
  • Samon: Warm, Matte
  • Pomegranate: Cool, Shimmer
  • Honey Rose: Warm, Frost

LipSense Colors: Browns

Even brown lipstick colors come in a variety of shades to match your mood.  Light to dark, frosty to shimmer, there are 5 gorgeous LipSense Brown colors to wear:

LipSense Colors: Purples

Purple lipstick colors are so in – embrace it 🙂  If you don’t want something too dark, try one of these fun light/bright LipSense Purple shades!

  • B. Ruby: Cool, Frost
  • Mauve Ice: Cool, Frost
  • Lexie Beary: Cool, Shimmer
  • Purple Reign: Cool, Matte
  • Napa: Cool, Shimmer
  • Violet Volt: Cool, Shimmer
  • Violette: Cool, Frost

LipSense Colors: Dark Purples

Berry colored lips can be fun, elegant, deep, and all of the above!  If you haven’t tried purple lipstick before, you are missing out and you are going to LOVE one of these pretty LipSense Dark Purple shades; these are especially fun shades for Fall and Winter!:

  • Mulled Wine: Cool, Matte
  • Sheer Berry: Cool, Matte
  • Plum: Cool, Matte

LipSense Glosses

Don’t forget about the gorgeous hydrating LipSense glosses available!  I love these because they can be worn alone, or over any of the LipSense colors.

  • Bougainvillea: red/pink tint, shimmer
  • Glossy: glossy, glassy finish
  • Gold Glitter: gold glitter flecks, glossy finish
  • Matte: matte, satin finish
  • Opal: purple iridescent finish
  • Orchid: slight purple/pint tint, shimmer
  • Pearl: milky, pearlescent sheen
  • Pink Glitter: pink glitter flecks, glossy finish
  • Rose: slight rose pink tint
  • Sand: light beige tint with soft shimmer
  • Silver Glitter: silver glitter flecks, soft shimmer

Specialty Glosses

  • Diamond Kiss Gloss
  • Prism Gloss

Limited Edition Glosses

  • Blue Orchid Gloss
  • Golden Iris Gloss
  • Pink Sand Gloss

Thank you so much for reading about the fabulous current LipSense Colors available.  The colors chosen for the permanent line are some of the prettiest and most popular lipstick colors out there.