How to Use your New LipSense!


Using your new LipSense is easy once you get the hang of it!  

Watch LipSense Info. Video Here!

Here is a quick video I made that shows you step by step how to apply LipSense and Gloss.  The most important part is to apply your LipSense to clean, dry lips in very thin layers.  To create a thin layer, wipe the excess color off the wand onto the tube – your first layer will be a very light sheer color, and by the third layer your color will be the true tone 🙂  See below for more tips and tricks!

Downloadable Tips and Tricks


  • Start with clean/dry lips and shake LipSense tube and wipe excess color off from applicator so that you can do VERY THIN layers
  • With lips open/parted throughout this process, start at the corner of top lip and swipe wand in one motion across to the other corner, and then repeat on bottom lip.  If you have full lips, this might mean a layer near the outside of your lips and a layer closer to the inside of your lips to cover everything.
  • Do not swipe back and forth or it will remove the color.  Just one swipe across.  Let it dry for 10 seconds, do not rub lips together, and then repeat for a total of 3 layers.
  • Once third layer is super dry (I usually wait 20 seconds), apply gloss.  You apply gloss like any regular gloss product, you can swipe back and forth, and once gloss is on you can pat your lips together.  Don’t skip the gloss! LipSense is a 2 part process and the color needs the gloss for it to last long, and your lips will love the gloss for the moisture it provides 🙂
  • LipSense will last 4 to 18 hours – this can depend on how hydrated you are, if you are glossing, etc.  Sometimes my color will last 10 hours, other times I put one more thin layer on mid-day.  Find what works for you 🙂


Helpful Info.

  • Never leave LipSense in a hot car 🙂
  • Make sure to apply very thin layers – wipe excess color off wand onto tube.  Thin layers is key to getting your color to last super long!
  • Gloss throughout the day, and for extra soft lips wear the gloss overnight as well or ask me about our Lip Volumizer or Lip Balm
  • LipSense is a 2 part process and the colors work with the gloss to seal in color and add moisture to lips; other glosses will break down the color so stick to the LipSense gloss 🙂
  • Lips might tingle the first few times you use LipSense – this is caused by SD40, a cosmetic grade alcohol that kills bacteria touching dry lips, and will disappear as your lips become more hydrated
  • LipSense is an amazing wax-free product!  When consistently using LipSense, wax build-up from previous lipsticks and chapsticks will start to go away and your lips will be able to naturally exfoliate as they should and retain proper moisture. Coconut oil and sugar = awesome DIY lip scrub, and SeneGence’s Moisturizing Lip Balm is fantastic.  DITCH THE CHAPSTICK!!!  
  • You can layer LipSense colors together to create new looks- have fun!