So excited for you to start saving with our fabulous Makeup Membership!  Here are the instructions for how to activate your wholesale account:

  1. Click here and select the appropriate country.
  2. Select “individual account” and continue.
  3. For Sponsor Distributor ID,  Nicole Lincoln will show up as your sponsor – yep, that’s correct!  If you don’t see that, type in my ID which is 203612 🙂
  4. Fill out your personal information – you can leave any business items blank but do make sure to include your correct first and last name
  5. Select “new distributor kit/application”
  6. Create a password and click “sign up now!”

I will contact you to explain how you can place your own orders, and am always available to answer questions, give product recommendations – whatever you need!

Questions? Contact me below and I’m happy to help!