JANUARY 2018 Promo!!!!!  Sign up between January 1 and 31 and automatically receive a $55 retail credit towards products of your choice!!!!

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After you sign up to my team affectionately called Nicole’s Boss Babes, you as a SeneGence and LipSense Distributor get access to a super organized private Facebook training group where I have everything you need to easily get your business started!  (Want to learn more about becoming a LipSense distributor? Click here!)


You will receive a Week 1 Welcome e-mail with 6 simple steps you can take to jump start your business.  I’ll support you the entire time, and follow up with weekly e-mails your first month with helpful action items as you continue to build your business.  I want you to become profitable and ENJOY your business asap and I have tons of tools in place for your first 30 days.

Want to check out our 2 minute video that explains WHY this opportunity is so special? Click here to contact me so that I can send it right over!

I have everything organized into Albums (like below) to make it way user friendly 🙂

SeneGence LipSense Distributor Helpful Albums

I regularly provide trainings in my group, monthly incentives, social media tips such as how to use Pinterest and Facebook for direct sales, how to network without being annoying or spammy, inspiration, and tons of support.  Our teammates are helpful and encouraging and it is just an awesome place to exchange ideas and grow in your business as a SeneGence and LipSense Distributor.

Here on this page you can get a glimpse of some of the helpful info. I provide to my distributors – I hope you enjoy!

Copy of New Distributor Boot Camp

I’m a New SeneGence and LipSense Distributor – Where Should I Start?

Welcome!  There are lots of resources in your Back Office and in my training group to help you get your business up and running in an efficient and organic way (no spammy sales practices here!)

I would first start with this simple checklist I made – don’t get overwhelmed by information; the most important part is simply to start!  So instead of trying to figure out where to begin, I’ve laid it out for you 🙂

Yay I'm a New Distributor! Now What-

How to Get the Most Savings (and the most potential Profit)

Next, understanding the discount structure is super important because you want to maximize your savings, and profit.  I’ll walk you through this in more detail after you’ve signed up, but here is a brief overview.  Also, within your first 30 days you can take advantage of the Jump Start program and get 50% off easier than ever!  (How incredible is our discount by the way?!)

How to Make an Awesome Demo Kit for less than $10!

Having a small on-the-go demo kit that you can throw in your purse makes showing potential customers when out and about how LipSense works!  See below for links to the exact products I used to make my super affordable (and adorable!) one!


If you are a distributor I have personally sponsored, after you place a qualifying 300PV order and schedule your virtual launch, I actually send you one of these kits as well 🙂

Helpful and Awesome Supplies and Apps for SeneGence and LipSense Distributors (and anyone in direct sales!)

I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite supplies (tester holders, makeup bags, etc.) and apps (to make graphics, to schedule posts, to organize your business, etc.)  These are just the ones that I use and there are plenty of others to choose from, so I suggest playing around with what works for you 🙂


4×6 Sheer Drawstring Organza Bags


4×8 Bubble Mailers


6×10 Bubble Mailers


Disposable Applicators


Carrying Case for Inventory


Carrying Case for Parties/Supplies


Tester Labels


Lip Keeper for Testers



Graphics: Canva, PhotoGrid, Word Swag, Airbrush Photo EditorBeFunky collage maker

Payment Processing: Square (click here for initial $1000 of free processing code!)


Shipping: Stamps.com


Organization/Planning: Trello


Social Media Post Scheduling: CinchShare (want to try this incredible tool for 5 weeks FREE?! Click here and type in code CSfree

CinchShare free code

Sponsoring Tips – Grow your Team Authentically

Many distributors sign up to sell the incredible products, but say that they could never build a team – they don’t want to be “pushy”, for example.  I teach you how to AUTHENTICALLY grow your team by being a good, genuine person!

I myself have been turned off by other direct sales companies in the past after seeing post after post stating, “Join my team!”  “Watch me or join me!” and such.  There is not anything wrong with those comments, but when I heard them I always thought, what does that have to do with me?  What should I want to join your team?

By focusing on OTHERS instead of yourself, you are able to share this awesome opportunity – it really is as simple as that.  Our CEO and founder teaches us that every person should have the choice to become a customer or a distributor, and she refers to this as the SeneGence choice.  You can watch my training video, read below to learn my top tips about sponsoring other distributors and you can even download the free PDF too 🙂

I hope some of my training materials helped you!  There are tons more resources in my private training group – if you are looking to become a SeneGence/LipSense distributor and don’t have a sponsor yet, I’d love to help you get started!  Click below to sign up, or fill out the contact form and I will contact you to answer any questions you might have 🙂 XOXO – Nicole