It is super easy to order products right here!  If you’d like any of the available LipSense, ShadowSense, Anti-Aging Skincare products and more sent to you directly from the company anywhere in the U.S., click the above “Shop SeneGence” button.

There is an incredibly high demand for these awesome products, so you might not see what you’d like there.  No worries!  I have a large inventory of LipSense colors ready to ship to you as well (FREE shipping when ordered through me directly anywhere in the U.S.!)  To see what I have in stock and ready to order, click the above “Shop My Stock” button.  If you see something there you want to purchase, simply send me a message and I’ll get an invoice ready for you!



*Note: If you are a first time customer ordering LipSense, you will need a Collection which includes a color of your choice, gloss, and remover.  LipSense is a 2 step process and needs the moisturizing gloss to keep your lips soft and hydrated, and to extend the color.  Once you have the gloss and remover, they work with any color!

Happy Shopping!