Hi there!  If you are thinking about becoming a SeneGence/LipSense distributor, you’ve come to the right spot 🙂   [Want to skip ahead and contact me directly with your questions about how to get started as a beauty boss from your phone today?  Click below and I’d love to connect!]



You’ll learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a LipSense distributor such as, “How much time will this take?!” (not much, especially with all the free resources I share with my teammates!), “Can I sign up JUST for a personal discount?” (sure can) and “Should I do this?!” (probably, yes – but I’ll give you as much info. as you want so that YOU can make the best decision for yourself).

Scroll down to check out the FAQ or to sign up, but first – take this short quiz to figure out if you should become a LipSense distributor!

Should I Become a LipSense Distributor?!



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The Quiz Said Yes…

So happy the quiz suggested you should become a LipSense distributor 😉 Yes, the quiz is meant to be a bit cheeky and just for fun BUT it is also meant to show you that truly anyone can be a great fit as a LipSense distributor 🙂  Keep reading to get answers to some basic FAQ and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up to become a SeneGence/LipSense distributor today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to be a distributor?

That totally depends on your goals.  If you are just hoping to get a personal discount, it takes zero time to be a distributor usually, and then about 2 minutes when you place an order for yourself.

If you are selling the products casually and looking to make a side income, or treating this like a full-on business like I do, even working towards earning the car/trips, you are looking at as much or as little time as you want/have.  I’d say a range of between 2 hours a week and 15 hours a week is reasonable, and I teach my teammates how to build their businesses in less than 10 hours a week.  You get what you put in, but this career as a LipSense distributor is truly designed to fit INTO a busy life, not take away from it.  Focusing on income-producing activities 5 hours a week is better than unfocused, distracted work 10 hours a week – I have a ton of hacks, shortcuts, and organization tips to help you with this because I’m all about working smarter, not harder.

How do I make an income?

There are 3 ways to make an income as a SeneGence/LipSense distributor:

  1. Earn profits on the retail sales of SeneGence cosmetics and skin care.  You buy at wholesale, customers purchase from you directly at retail value.  SO SIMPLE.
  2. Quickly begin earning commissions based on Distributors you sponsor.  Give others the information they need about this fun opportunity, let them make the right decision for THEMSELVES, and watch your team grow.  Not a requirement, but why keep the fun a secret?!
  3. Earn monthly bonuses based on group sales volume.

The company offers several incentives for new distributors to save the most during their first 90 days, and even to earn over $1200 of free products with our Jump Start and Fast Start Programs.

What is the cost?

It is $55 a year (plus tax/shipping  – as a LipSense distributor you will receive a book, flash drive, marketing materials, catalog, etc.).  Similar to a Costco membership, this gives you access to our discount of 20-50% off every single product.

What is the discount structure?

Besides fantastic?  Here you go 🙂 PV equals 1/2 the retail cost so let’s say a LipSense color is $25 retail, the PV for that product is 12.5.  PV is cumulative each month.

  • 1-99PV 20% off
  • 100-200PV 30% off
  • 300-749PV 40% off (BONUS!  All 300PV orders placed within first 30 days of signing up are a full 50% off!)
  • 750+PV 50% off 

*Once a cumulative 750PV is reached in a calendar month, 50% discount will be applied for all subsequent orders that month, no matter the size.

*If you order 750PV all at once, SeneGence/LipSense distributors get FREE SHIPPING!

Are there monthly minimums or autoships?

No, and no.  Order whatever you want, whenever you want.  The only minimum is ordering 100PV total ($200 retail, before your sweet discount) within a 6 month period to keep your LipSense distributor account active. Easy.

*Once you have a team, there are small monthly minimums to meet in order to collect commissions and group sales volume bonuses.

How do I market the products?

However you want! Our team shares TONS of resources on this topic, and you’ll get access to all that once you sign up, but some simple ideas are: wear your stripes (literally swipe LipSense colors on your hand to show others when out and about that this stuff is truly smudge-proof!), meet with friends for in-person demos, use social media (my fave – more info. on how I market my business almost 100% online here), or vendor events.

The best part is, these products are fabulous and simply work.  All you have to do is tell other people that these products exist, show them how to use them, and offer great customer service.  We will help you the whole way 🙂

What’s with this Car I’ve heard about?

There are so many amazing perks available to distributors.  My favorites are the SeneCar and the trips we are eligible to earn around the world.  To learn more about how I earned a SeneCar and how with dedication, effort, and being teachable this could be something YOU could achieve too, check out my blog post that explains a bit more!

I Have More Questions….Can You Help Me?

Of course!  You have a few options:

  1. Contact me directly via e-mail at or fill out my contact form here to send me a message.
  2. Send me a Facebook message and we can chat on there.
  3. You can set up a phone call with me as well if you’d like – e-mail me some dates/times that work best for you and we will schedule that asap!
  4. You can also check out some more detailed information I have here on my blog here, here, and here.
  5. I could talk about this fun business all day, so making a short list of the specific questions YOU have so we can start there is super helpful 🙂

Let’s do this!

Woohoo! You are ready to become a LipSense distributor – I’m super excited for you 🙂  I can’t wait to share my resources with you and help you achieve YOUR goals.  Here are the easy instructions to get this party started:

  1. Click here and select the appropriate country.
  2. Select “individual account” and continue.
  3. Nicole Lincoln will show up as your sponsor – yep, that’s correct!
  4. Fill out your personal information – you can leave any business items blank but do make sure to include your correct first and last name (this is who future commission checks will be made out to)
  5. Select “new distributor kit/application”
  6. Create a password and click “sign up now!”
  7. Welcome to our team!  I’ll contact you directly to welcome you and help you launch your business (or just choose some awesome products if you are signing up for the discount).  If you could please send me a picture of yourself as well so that I can “welcome” you to our awesome team training page, that would be fabulous.

Contact me anytime and I look forward to working with you!